1. S

    High & Low Objects Indicator

    This indicator can draw highs & lows objects from H1-MN1. It's very good. But I want it to also draw : 1. last year high & low. 2. last quater high & low. (1st quater = Jan-Mar, 2nd quater = Apr-Jun, 3rd quater = Jul-Sep & 4th quater = Oct-Dec) Because these two also are important suport &...
  2. S

    Fibonacci Trendline Indicator

    This indicator is very good. It changes trendline to Fibonanci with different colors & styles of lines. But it needs 2 improvement : 1. When click Visualization Tab, even we choose only some timeframe, it still appear on all timeframes. Please change it to appear only timeframe that...
  3. U

    Bill Williams ATZ indicator for mt5

    Hi Enivid do you have Bill Williams ATZ indicator for mt5
  4. U

    bill williams fractal sound alert mt5

    please somebody create an sound alert when bill williams arrow appears.
  5. S

    Currency Strength Indicator

    It's a currency strength indicator. That's very good. I compare many currency strength indicators & I think this is the best. It's very accurate & also has a button. So it saves a space on the chart too. But it only show strength. It'll be better, if it also shows rate of change, beside...
  6. S

    Elliott Wave Indicator for MT4 (Can anyone help fixing it, please?)

    It's Elliot Wave count indicator based on Thomas Demark's concept. It's objective way to count wave. I need to be fix 2 things. 1. It delete all other lines. Pls. fix it just delete the lines, it creates. 2. This indicator just count wave uptrend. Pls. finish it other half by count...
  7. S

    VWAP Bands for MT4

    Can somebody please make bands for this indicator ? It's VWAP (volume weight average price). So it'll become VWAP Bands. Please put standard deviation 1.0, 2.0 & 2.5 for it. So It'll look like Bollinger Bands. But I think it'll be better than Bollinger Bands. Thanks in advance. I don't know...
  8. A

    Calculation P/L by comments

    Calculation P/L by comments i am looking for any indicator or scripts for Calculation P/L for all orders which have the same comments If i have this opening orders Buy EURUSD : comment S1 Sell EURCAD : comment S1 Sell GBPUSD : comment S1 Buy EURUSD : comment S2 Sell EURCAD ...
  9. Enivid

    Risk Calculator

    Discuss Risk Calculator indicator in this thread. The indicator can calculate and display the potential risk of all your trades by currency pairs and in total. It is freely available for MT4 and MT5. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  10. Enivid

    Monetary Policy and Central Banking

    If you want to learn more about monetary policy and central banking - both in general and in light of the recent global developments in the financial markets, I recommend reading these articles and books: Assessing the Retail Bank Interest Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area at Times of...
  11. Enivid

    Free Forex Trading Guide

    We are announcing a giveaway of our Forex trading guide for beginners. You can now download it for free if you subscribe to our newsletter. It is a monthly newsletter, so we will not bother you too often.
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    Binary Profit Code

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    Clear FX Signals

    ClearFXSignals Forex System – Trade ANY currency pair in multiple time frames, 24 hours a day with up to 84.68% winning accuracy! Clearfxsignals Forex System Works On Any Currency Pair In Multiple Time Frames* A Real Forex System that can produce REAL Results! - A system so EASY TO USE, and...
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    Forex Sniper Pro

    Forex Sniper Pro is an amazing Forex system with professional-grade indicators with buy/sell arrow Forex signals that anyone can use to trade any currency pair in multiple time frames (scalp, daytrade, swing trade). Up to 90.17% wins! Forex Sniper Pro – Trade ANY Forex Pair in Any Time...
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    Binary Cash Bot

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    Binary Code Online

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    Next Dimension Forex System

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    The Trading Pro System

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    WaveTrend Trading System

    WaveTrend Trading System – Discover a Forex trading system that racks in massive profits without spending hours a day behind a computer. WaveTrend is the perfect trading suite for forex trend traders. The custom indicators use algorithms that allow you to catch big trends before they...
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    Forex Profit Seeker

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