1. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 1415

    Despite the claims that they are no longer developing MetaTrader 4, MetaQuotes has updated the MT4 trading platform. The new build (Build 1415) was released yesterday and is now available through the automatic update system of some MT4 Forex brokers. There are no details on what changes are...
  2. F

    Simple strategy 5-10% profit per month with arbitrage

    Hello, I would like to introduce you to a forex strategy that is very easy to trade, with this strategy you simply build a hedge using two different brokers and then collect swap interest for the open trades every day. You have to use two different brokers to make it work because the brokers...
  3. SymphonyTrading

    MT5 and Stereo Trader

    I was just curious if anyone here uses Metatrader 5 with Stereo Trader and how you like it and with which broker?
  4. M

    Broker account management is offered

    Hi! My name is Maria, I have been working for approximately 9 months with professional trader Miranda Ofarre, who is currently offering account management services on any recognized broker, from Avatrade to many others, manages any amount of capital. She is a broad professional with years in the...
  5. K

    Project of crypto broker

    Hello, I’m looking for partners to create a crypto broker, we’re short of partners who are very eager to work, help us run the whole project as soon as possible we just need people with knowledge in crypto coins, programming or contacts. If you are interested and need more information contact...
  6. R

    My brokers a fraud or it's no big deal

    I'm with td Ameratrade using the thinkorswim platform to trade forex. I've been into forex trading for 11 years now and have been with 5 or so US brokers. Not until recently have I payed much attention to the differences between a live account and a demo in regards to the thinkorswim platform...
  7. R

    Dealing with ESMA rules

    I read that the European regulators are requiring maximum leverage to be lowered significantly across a bunch of different asset classes - how do you guys deal w this? Put up a bigger deposit or just move to a different broker outside EU...feel like if it's move to a different broker I might as...
  8. D

    Plus500 experience

    Hi all - I'm a researcher and trader who's found mixed commentary on Plus500 across the web. I wanted to see if this commentary was consistent across CFD traders so created a survey to do so. I'd really appreciate it if you could take this survey - shouldnt take more than two or three minutes...
  9. MrFantastic


    Hi there, I'm new to this group and new to trading to :) I googled a lot about Brokers and trading platforms. I found a platform that does not use brokers. Should I use brokers or go with this platform without brokers? What do you recommend? Experience?
  10. A

    Regulated Broker

    Hi, I would like to if how would I know if the broker is regulated?
  11. J

    Why are swap rates among brokers so vastly different?

    I was looking at this Why are swap rates among brokers so vastly different? I.e. For Long EURUSD: High is like -3.70 pips (InstaForex) Low is like -0.06 pips (Oanda) There are also some brokers that pay you interest instead. Does that make one broker...
  12. M

    What the Name of the Brokers That They Have The Pair USD/UAH?

    What the name of the brokers that they have the pair USD/UAH? Thank you.
  13. P

    PTMC trading platform

    Hello, traders! Have you ever heard of PTMC trading platform ( )? PTMC is a high-performance electronic trading platform based on PFSOFT Protrader technology that allows to analyze and trade FX, CFDs, futures, stocks and options. Among brokers, you can connect with...
  14. R

    Questions to ask to determine whether broker is ECN?

    Hi, There may well be a thread on this already but I didn't see it. I was wondering what questions I should asking brokers to determine whether they are genuinely ECN brokers or not? So many seem to say they are ECN brokers, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to confirm which genuinely...
  15. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 1325

    MetaTrader 5 Build 1325 has been released yesterday on April 22. It is the Build 1295 that went out of beta and is now available on brokers' demo servers. So the change list is basically the same - only now traders will be able to use hedging accounts and backtest on real ticks data using their...
  16. R

    Have you heard about this broker?

    Did you heard about a broker called BigBoss Financial which is from New Zealand? My friend recommends me to make FX deal with BigBoss financial as they provide good after service and the fee is not relatively high. And this company is getting very popular in Japan. Do you guys know this company?
  17. B

    Looking For Forex Traders To Open A New Forex Account Under My Fund Management~~~

    Hello My Trading Fellows, Could you please be sweet angels and open a new live Forex account through my IB referral? With an agreement between us I could constantly earn commission money from the broker you register with based on the profits you make with the broker. You have nothing to lose...
  18. Enivid

    A Section on Companies that Support Bitcoin

    I have added a brokers' category for those companies that are supporting Bitcoin in one or two ways: Also, I have added a condensed explanation of Bitcoin to help the Forex traders understand this cryptocurrency and its role in Forex...
  19. Vistabrokers

    Technical Analysis by Vistabrokers

    GBP continues decline towards 1.50 1 Hour Intraday Trading Weaker than expected UK Construction data helped the high flying Dollar push the Sterling lower on the intraday chart, reaching a low of 1.5160 against the Dollar on the wake of the New Year. The 1 hour chart below shows us that the...
  20. G

    Technical News | GDMFX Brokerage | Daily

    FOREX NEWS: A SLOW MONDAY AHEAD; NO MAJOR INDICATORS ARE RELEASED EUR/USD Forex News: Friday the pair moved in a 20 pip range and no economic data was released by the United States or Europe, making trading very difficult. Technical Outlook A 20 pip range is certainly not enough...