1. C

    Python Trading Bots Development

    If you've got a trading strategy and would like to automate it, I can help you with that. I can create everything from a simple robot to a Machine Learning algorithm that will be able to retrain itself without any intervention on your part based on a predefined schedule or a particular set of...
  2. emn9999

    ForeXolution aka Forex Solution - The Juggernaut MT4/5 EA

    Hello all! I have built a consistent and trustworthy Forex EA which I'd like to present to you - I believe you may want it. It is called ForeXolution and it is honest, simple and smart. It does not use Martingale and no grid trading. It is no scalper and no long term trader. It trades...
  3. momo3HC

    Which is the best EA bot that you ever used?

    Hi fellas. I want to know which is the best EA bot that you ever used? Thank you in advance.
  4. AlexTop

    Binary Profit Bot

    Binary Profit Bot – Use This Easiest Yet Most Secret Method To Make $100 – $650 Per Day, Day After Day! Binary Profit Bot is a basket trading robot. Fully automated! You do not need - - Any Trading Experience - Any Knowledge of theories or formulas - Any Calculations You just need an...