1. F


    I am interested in trading and looking for partners to implement a payment system with a Bitcoins digital signature.
  2. topdog20

    UK Ban of Crypto CFDs

    The UK's FCA has just announced a ban on the sale of crypto-currency derivatives (such as CFDs) and ETNs to retail investors from January 6th 2021. Brokers such as IG have already announced that...
  3. Zack King

    with bitcoin at a familiar low (last year may time)...

    are you guys buying or selling off?
  4. K

    Why I switched to crypto after I traded 10 years with forex

    I recently noticed that the Forex trading market is insanely regulated which means that the middlemen are present everywhere in this world, therefore, I decided to make my analysis about the so-called wonderful world of Forex trading. Starting with unresponsive brokers and ending with smartly...
  5. M

    obtain bitcoin using MT4 platform !??

    Hi .. i am very new to Meta trader 4/5 platform ... i tried trading cryptocurrency over Bittrex , Poloniex , Binance ... and other similar platforms .. but MT4 is very different for me ! in Crypto platforms (Bittrex , Poloniex for example ) , i can deposit USD$ , then buy bitcoin or any other...
  6. G

    Bitcoinbuyersguide - an educational website

    For anyone looking for information and education for the crypto market I want to recommend - it is an educational website full of articles, reviews, comparisons and guides for the crypto market. Let the education begin!
  7. momo3HC

    Cold crypto wallet choice

    Hi all. I want to buy a cold crypto wallet. Can experienced ones from you suggest me between Ledger and Trezor. Which is better?
  8. B

    Bitcoin Price Prediction Today: Daily (BTC) Value Forecast – May 8

    BTC/USD Medium-term Trend: Bullish · Resistance Levels: $6,800, $6,900, $7,000 · Support levels: $6,000, $5,900, $5, 800 Yesterday, May 7, the price of Bitcoin was in a bullish trend zone. Yesterday, the crypto’s price rose and tested the $6,300 price level and was resisted. The...
  9. B

    Bitcoin Trading: Steady Bitcoin Pumps a Slight Recovery in Top 20 Altcoins

    Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis – April 30 The recent steady movement in Bitcoin price was as a result of low volatility in the course of the last five days of trading which had tightened trading between the range of $5100 and $5300. However, a surge in volatility is expected to determine the...
  10. B

    Bitcoin Price Prediction Today: Daily (BTC) Value Forecast – April 2

    BTC/USD Medium-term Trend: Bullish · Resistance Levels: $6,800, $6,900, $7,000 · Support levels: $4,500, $4,400, $4,300 Yesterday, April 1, the price of Bitcoin was in a bullish trend. The 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA are trending northward indicating that price is in a bullish...
  11. Enivid

    New Subforum: Cryptocurrencies

    Due to quite a few discussions related to Bitcoin and other crypto stuff popping up in various subforums, I have finally decided the to create a separate section for such discussions. Cryptocurrencies - everything from questions regarding the technology and use of Bitcoin and altcoins to...
  12. Enivid

    Tutorial: How to Invest Bitcoin in Margin Lending
  13. Enivid

    Guide: Cryptocurrencies in Forex Trading
  14. Enivid

    Wondering What Bitcoin Is? Read This Introduction!
  15. Anastasia Vladimir

    Is Bitcoin Incapable of Mass Adoption?

    Is the mass adoption of Bitcoin forthcoming? If we view Bitcoin as a “currency,” intended for making payments of all sizes, has the technology to do so arrived yet? Let's discuss this!
  16. Anastasia Vladimir

    Gather Here All Crypto Lovers!

    My favourite quote; "Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." The first step in crypto consciousness is understanding the underlying technology – blockchain. Forget the tech jargons for now. No one needs to convince you of how revolutionary...
  17. B

    Bitcoin Price Prediction: Long-term (BTC) Value Forecast – March 23

    BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish · Resistance levels: $7,200, $7,400, $7,600 · Support levels: $3,900, $3,800, $3,700 The BTC/USD pair had been in the bullish trend zone in the month of March. On February 23, the bulls tested the $4,200 resistance level but failed to break the...
  18. B

    Bitcoin (BTC) Daily Price Forecast – March 14

    BTC/USD Medium-term Trend: Ranging · Resistance Levels: $6,800, $6,900, $7,000 · Support levels: $3,800, $3,700, $3, 600 Yesterday, March 13, the price of Bitcoin was in a sideways trend. The BTC price was ranging above the $3,900 price level. The 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA...
  19. Enivid

    [Wanted] Forex Content Writer with Deep Understanding of Industry

    If you are an exceptional content writer with tremendous understanding of Forex trading and the online FX industry, you are welcome to join EarnForex team and receive generous rewards for your quality work. We are hiring a site content writer who can produce great research-based articles on a...
  20. L

    What does this pattern mean?

    Can I ask you what does this pattern mean? A friend of mine told me: ''I am a stocks trader, not a bitcoin trader but I have seen this pattern a lot of times in years of stocks trading, and this means up pump'' Was he trolling me? I am a newby, by looking at the chart...