Why I switched to crypto after I traded 10 years with forex


Feb 7, 2020
I recently noticed that the Forex trading market is insanely regulated which means that the middlemen are present everywhere in this world, therefore, I decided to make my analysis about the so-called wonderful world of Forex trading.
Starting with unresponsive brokers and ending with smartly hidden fees and costs, the Forex trading process can become very expensive very fast and this can happen even before a trader can turn a dollar into profit.
This means that traders need to have a considerable amount of capital before they can begin trade. I also believe that institutional involvement is another significant aspect of Forex trading, unlike crypto, Forex traders are competing with established banks, high-frequency traders, and other specialized companies.
In a nutshell, I have found that this institutional involvement makes it very challenging to compete.

Here are some very interesting and productive facts as to why cryptocurrency trading is better than forex trading:

1) Your safety, your money
Unlike the Forex market where there are many suffocating regulations, as well as many cases of identity theft, crypto traders that use digital currency are in direct control of their transactions which makes everything much safer. Another important thing here that I’ve noticed here is that the transactions are made free from the identities of the parties involved. This grants a considerable amount of help in protecting users from all forms of identity theft.

2) There is no inflation
Every traditional currency experiences different inflation fluctuations because of the ongoing movement of global economies which shifts prices continuously. In response to this, countries print more money, therefore, increasing capital inflation. Cryptocurrency does not experience this issue. That’s why it is more predictable.

3) Cryptocurrency trading is a clear process
Unlike forex trading crypto trading uses a recorder which is called a blockchain, it is here where all transactions are recorded and monitored. In other words, when a transaction is completed it is automatically transcribed on the ledger. These transactions can be verified by anyone anytime. No person or organization can modify this ledger this is why this is considered to be the biggest security feature.

4) Fast and solid transactions.
Probably the best advantage, when compared to the forex market, is that the crypto market is free from any type of central banking regulations and control as well as other third-party vendors, that’s why transaction fees are extremely low.

5) Availability
The crypto investment funds bring many opportunities between parties anywhere in the world. These enable individuals to use and trade cryptocurrency even if they are from harsh countries without solid banking institutions.

What are crypto funds and why they are beating forex?

In the complex world of cryptocurrency trading, a user is required to have plenty of crypto assets.
Those who are new to this practice are already mining an abundant quantity of cryptocurrency, without the help of an investment fund this can be rather difficult due to the growing complexities of the prospecting process.
So I ask myself how can novices build up their assets?
This is when a crypto fund comes into the picture!
I’ve discussed with professional trading specialists (they specialize in creating crypto funds) to give you all the characteristics of what the crypto funds are as well as the new outcomes in this field.
A crypto fund is the regulated asset of a digital currency that is accessible to the investors for replication, it also works as a connection between a trader, who is producing the crypto fund, and the one who would gladly invest in that supply.
The concluding goal of engaging in a crypto fund is to augment crypto assets for both the winning participants.
In the year 2020, the crypto funds have evolved as the digital translation of fiat currency. Because this is an independent form of currency, it enables anyone to inaugurate a fund solely by adding a new cryptocurrency.
As a consequence, several types of crypto funds have developed aiming to gratify the desire of investors and traders so that they can ultimately increase their digital assets.
Many currencies are regulated by their governments making them sensitive to financial and pecuniary procedures as well as other geopolitical developments. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are managed instantly by clever algorithms and are only influenced by the actions of those using them. This makes the crypto market more engaging for investors who do not want vulnerability to inflation or state administration policy arrangements.

Why did I invest in crypto funds instead of trading or mining
Here are the major advantages that you may experience after you invest in a crypto fund:
  • The leading advantage of financing in a crypto fund is that the cryptocurrency is going to be the money of the tomorrow. Therefore, financing in such crypto funds will aid you to earn a solid future.
  • Most of crypto funds are open, sharing their asset structure with weekly reports
  • People can invest in crypto funds from anywhere in the world
  • Cryptocurrency mining has now grown more complex than it was in the past. Because of this, the rate of crypto mining is reduced due to the notable turnover of people towards cryptocurrency and the developments introduced in the mining algorithms. It became harder to track new movements in the market
  • Investing in crypto funds fits a reliable method to develop your assets.
  • Crypto funds offer greater profit margins.
  • The volatility of assets is limited.
  • As a crypto fund manager You can fundraise investments directly to your wallet without any type of fees
  • Absolutely anyone can invest in your trading strategies even if they are a million miles away.
  • You are not required to be legally registered (but if you want people to trust you - you have to be legally registered)

Ending Ideas
In conclusion I feel confident that Forex is now becoming a trading process of the past and it will continue to remain affixed in the 2000’s but now in the year 2020 the future resides in the crypto investment fund because it is a highly suitable method to earn money without getting stuck in any difficult mining algorithms.