1. ezraluandre

    Backtest or forward test value to use in Re-optimization?

    Hi, I'd like to ask about backtest and forward test optimization. I understand the general idea about backtest and forward test but kind of confuse with which value should be used. Let's say from backtest optimization I fount that OptimizeA as the winner but at the forward optimization the best...
  2. ezraluandre

    Indicator show different between live chart and backtest

    Hi everyone I have an indicator that I want to use in my EA. This indicator should not be repainting, but I found some problem when using it in backtesting. Here's screenshot on real chart, and here's screenshot from backtesting, The indicator looks slightly different and if we look at the...
  3. fxsaber

    TesterReport - feel the full power of MT5 tester in one click!

    After MT4, there is a rejection of MT5 due to an incomprehensible order system. This is especially true in the Strategy Tester: MT4 report is intuitive, unlike MT5. For this reason, when it comes to publishing, for example, a report of the next Expert Advisor in the form of an html file on the...
  4. s90232003

    Konkistadorr Empty EA for Binary Option test - Converted from MT4 to MT5

    Please help convert this EA from MT4 to MT5 Thank you very much!
  5. new digital

    Expert Advisor – Bollinger Bands Breakout 1.0 I learnt something from this EA. nice system with source codes mql4 expert advisor system ENTRY BUY: The price breaks above the top bollinger band ENTRY SELL: The price breaks below the low bollinger band EXIT: Fixed take...