Expert Advisor – Bollinger Bands Breakout 1.0

I learnt something from this EA.

nice system with source codes mql4 expert advisor

ENTRY BUY: The price breaks above the top bollinger band
ENTRY SELL: The price breaks below the low bollinger band
EXIT: Fixed take profit or hit stop loss
Only 1 order at a time

StrategyTestergbp.gif StrategyTestereurusd.gif


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Hi, I'm very interested on this EA, but I could not install it since I put on the chart and nothing happens. Pls I want to know if you're still working on this EA, I can see its potential and I could give you a hand in optimizing it because I think this EA works very similiary to my trading strategy and if we can optimize its entries and exits and specific trading hours, it could be a very great Expert.
Pls let me know.
Thanks and BS.
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Dec 3, 2019
Hello. The potential of the strategy is not fully disclosed. If you add Stochastic and ADX filters to this strategy, you can get really interesting results. I read interesting studies on optimizing this strategy [URL deleted]. Have you tried using these filters in your strategy?
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