1. dollarwise

    Indicator Arrows Alert Help

    Hello, I commend your excellent work. do you know the code to make the arrow appear 60-100s before the event? i dont want a repainting. attached here is the indicator that is giving me issues
  2. D

    Add alert and Push notification to an indicator

    Hi guys, Please, can someone help to add Sound alert and Push Message Notification and also Arrow to this indicator, when the divergence lines appear on both the chart and AODivergence. Thanks. NB: the alert should specify the pears(eg -EURUSD) and also the direction.
  3. PaulVic

    moving average alert for an indicator, not price

    Hi all I have been looking for a moving average alarm, or a moving average cross over alarm that can be applied to an indicator, not price. For example i like OBV indicator and apply a moving average to it, however would be good to have alarm when the indicators MA crosses the indicator (say...
  4. virtuado

    KST (Know Sure Thing) oscillator

    A while ago i got interested in this oscillator originally developed by Martin J. Pring. To get notified i added signalline crossover alert and zeroline crossover alert. The former seems to work well, but the latter doesn't give an alert when the zeroline is crossed. When i added the alert...
  5. SwitchTrader

    Indicator for Volume Crossing Horizontal Line Alerts

    Hi All, I've just joined the the forum today and firstly would like to thank Envid and Earnforex for the excellent work on the Market Profile and Trade Entry Indicators both of which I already use. I've been all over the internet but can't seem to be able to find the specific yet seemingly...
  6. G

    Alert Before Candle Ends

    Hi, I'd like to know if I could have any way to warn seconds before the candle runs out timeframe: 5m
  7. Durai C

    Need Help on Arrow and Alert.

    HI, I need alert and arrow when RSI crossed Upper or Lower BB in Attached MT4. Pls help me.
  8. Jobin

    Forex Angel recurring currency notifications

    I have traded currencies in the past and, needless to say, didn't have much success with it. The market always seemed to move against me, taking out stops or not filling my limit orders before moving in the opposite direction. Anyway I still remained passionate about forex trading in general...
  9. radaway

    a 'How to' in Mt4 - Price Alerts

    Hello how can you can set an alert when the market gets close to a specific price in mt4.? say I want to enter the market at price 1.0927 and would like mt4 inform/alert me when just about approaching this price. Thanks
  10. A

    Calculation P/L by comments

    Calculation P/L by comments i am looking for any indicator or scripts for Calculation P/L for all orders which have the same comments If i have this opening orders Buy EURUSD : comment S1 Sell EURCAD : comment S1 Sell GBPUSD : comment S1 Buy EURUSD : comment S2 Sell EURCAD ...
  11. G

    Outstanding reversal indicator need alert sound to be added

    Hello to all I’m new to the forum and hope to be in the correct section (and hope my english be good enough). I've been using for a few weeks a combination of reversal custom indicators frighteningly effective. At a signal from the indicator Cycle Identifier and with the confirmation of the...
  12. Q

    QB-PatternSeeker - a candlestick pattern discovery and alert tool for MT5

    Hello everybody, This is our third product here at . This time we're coming to the help of candlestick pattern traders with our product, which recognizes and monitors more than 70 candlestick patterns, where the user specifies which are the patterns of interest, how they are...
  13. Enivid

    Recent High/Low Alert

    Discuss Recent High/Low Alert (indicator for notifications about local min/max breakouts) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  14. A

    Better Volume Indicator v1.5 with Sound and Email Alert

    Hey Guys, I would like some help with a very useful indicator which is good by itself but could be improved if a new feature would be added... The new feature which I seek to be programmed would be this indicator with an option to have sound and email alert if the colors change Thank...
  15. B

    alerts mt4

    Hi everyone, I have my primary email address with yahoo, been trying fruitlessly to set set up email alerts when a specific price point is reached. but each time i use tool>option>email> email enabled: smtp smtp smtppassword:myyahoopassword...
  16. Enivid

    Price Alert

    Discuss Price Alert MT4 indicator in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.