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    Monday, June 13, 2011


    Signal 1:

    Currency Pair: GBP/JPY
    Entry Order: BUY @ 131.45 stop
    Stop-Loss (S/L): 130.93
    Take Profit (T/P): 133.23

    Signal 2:

    Currency Pair: USD/CAD
    Entry Order: SELL @ 97.50 stop
    Stop-Loss (S/L): 97.83
    Take Profit (T/P): 96.94

    Pending orders should be cancelled if not triggered by the close of the trading session.

    Open trades will be assigned updated S/L and T/P levels in the following trading session.


    If you do NOT have iron discipline or an edge (that you can quantify), the Forex market will either:

    eat you alive, drive you to drink, lead you to beat your wife, or give you ulcers. Only trade with risk capital as there is a risk of loss. Money management is very IMPORTANT!

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