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Master Trader
Mar 26, 2011
Jay DeVincentis’s Daily Stock Barometer

Expert market timing advice on stocks, gold, oil, bonds and the US Dollar. Know the next turning points in the market and position properly for them. Alerts are issued each Monday through Friday with specific advice as to when the market is in Buy or Sell Mode and when we get Buy or Sell SIgnals. Learn the tools to read the market like a pro and position yourself for each and every market swing! In this daily service, you’ll learn how to interpret the daily movements in the market and predict turning points down to the day.

Jeff Neal's Stock Trader

Capture consistent profits by using Jeff Neal’s Stock Trader to trade fundamentally stellar stocks poised technically to breakout. In addition to a stock trade, an option trade will also be provided along with a specific trading plan. Trading alerts will be sent during the week when necessary as well as a monthly trading article.

Bill West's Fat Pitch ETF Advisory

Using his own proprietary trading methodology, Commodity Futures Trader Bill West provides independent ETF trading advice at least weekly, along with management of a recommended portfolio of up to 12 positions. Use sector & commodity ETFs to beat the market. ETFs are better than mutual funds because they give you access to commodities, their lower fees and the ability to trade them intraday. This service is perfect for any investor or trader, even those with retirement accounts looking for more ways to position their financial assets. Avoid bear markets and get into the hot ETFs with this weekly service.

The McMillan Portfolio

Every DAY we publish a report focusing on the DIA, QQQQ, SPY, IWM, USD, KRE, KBE and TLT - and recommend up to 8 positions at a time in those ETFs. It's a very focused portfolio and uses a system that's produced significant returns year after year.

Explosive Stock Alert

Want to own the next Microsoft, Intel or Cisco? Want to know what you should be trading? In this Trading Advisory Service, you’ll receive recommendations of the highest quality stock picks based on a proprietary entry and selection system that combines both fundamental and technical analysis to identify stocks on the brink of explosive upward moves. Includes The Trend Report, The IPO Report, The Penny Stock Report and the Dividend Report.

QQQQ/Rydex/Options Trader Alert

System Trade the most popular trading vehicle, the QQQQ. In this trading service, you’ll receive 2 to 4 timely e-mail alerts advising you precisely when you should buy or short the proxy for the Nasdaq 100, the QQQQ (and their options). This advisory service also gives you precise buy and sell signals utilizing the supercharged Rydex Dynamic Series Funds, including the leveraged Tempest, Titan or at times, the Venture, and Velocity Funds. Also works with Profunds Ultra Funds! The StockBarometer System is a switching system, where most of the time you will be either long or short. You will receive emails the night before you're to make a trade. We record all trades as executed at the open. You may be able to improve your entry points by intra day trading. We periodically will apply a stop or not trade a signal depending upon market conditions. Alerts are usually issued by 10pm on the night before you need to make a trade.

IRG Market Timing & Sentiment Indicators

Over 150 market timing indicators on stocks, gold, oil, bonds and the US Dollar. 10 Years of Market Research. All the charts we use to time the market and make our traders $$$.

Lynn T's 1-2-3 PLUS Alert

Maximize profit in bullish markets, minimize the impact of bearish markets, and potentially profit from extremely bearish conditions. This system is not a day trading service. It is not a short term trading service. It is a system that will position you for profits, allow you to participate more fully from longer term trends, and protect you from bearish markets. Yes, it will position short to take advantage of bearish movements, but will only move into bearish positions after it’s moved fully into cash.

Stock Options Speculator

Speculation is the name of the game in this service. We're not playing complex options strategies here, we're simply exploiting market conditions and giving you our top 10 options plays targetting to profit at least 100% per trade! Options limit exposure to your initial capital and give you the potential for explosive price appreciation.