SSL Channel Alert - VertexFX VTL Script


Master Trader
May 8, 2014
SSL Channel Alert is a client side VTL Script. SSL Channel is calculated as moving average of highs and lows of the bar. This can be used for breakout trading.

The green line above red line indicates bullish market. In bearish market, the green line is below red line. Red line can be used as stop loss. A buy is triggered when green line crosses above red line and sell is triggered when green line crosses below red line.

In trending markets the indicator generates good signals, but in sideways market it may trigger choppy signals.

The indicator triggers an alert when trend change is identified.

Indicator can be customized through parameters. Open the VTL script in VTL editor and change the parameter values at the top of the script. Parameters are marked and commented properly for ease of use.

This is a client side VTL Script for VertexFX Terminal



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