Speculators Buy More Dollars


Active Trader
Apr 19, 2012
Cork, Ireland
CFTC Commitments of Traders (COT) Report 02 April, published 05 March 2013 - Technical Analysis. Speculators increased their aggregate net position in the USD to 338,399 contracts, up from 322,132 in the previous week. Almost all of the increase was caused by additional short selling in the euro, as well as a very minor amount of pound selling.

The largest spec position remains a short 120,687 contracts in the yen. This represents a small reduction, 9331 contracts, from the last report. The next largest position is an A$ long of 96,324. As noted below, there has been a lot of A$ buying with only little gratification.

We have been watching the C$ with interest. For several weeks this currency has had the large specs selling short. We had been curious of the trade, as it seemed the short side of the C$ was the right side for a number of reasons. The employment news in Canada was weak, briefly taking the USDCAD past the 102 handle. We suspect the pair will revisit that level.