Sidus VertexFX Trading Robot


Active Trader
Aug 8, 2015

Sidus Trading Robot is an innovative VertexFX Client-Side Script that uses a strategy that employs two indicators, Relative strength Index(RSI) and Simple Moving average(SMA) to identify the trend and strength of the current market.

The Relative Strength Indicator is a powerful Oscillator indicator that helps traders evaluate the strength of the current market. Whereas Simple Moving average is a trend indicator represent the average closing price of the market over a specified period of time. Traders often make use of moving averages as an indication of current market momentum.

The Trading Robot uses RSI together with a simple moving average to take entry and exit. The moving average crossover technique is used to identify trend of the market and RSI technique employed in this Trading Robot is the centreline technique where the trend of the market is confirmed if the RSI value is above or below 50.

A long position is placed when fast moving average crosses above the slow moving average, and this uptrend signal is confirmed when RSI value moves above 50. Whereas a Short position is placed when the slow-moving average crosses above fast moving average and this downtrend signal is confirmed RSI value falls below 50.

An Effective money management system is used to control a fixed lot size, stop loss, and take profit. An active long position is closed if the price hits Take profit, stop loss, or when the short signal is generated, whereas a short position is closed if the price hits Take profit, stop loss or when the long signal is generated.

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