Selecting a good broker.....


Apr 16, 2021
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For those who are looking for offshore, finding a good broker is not at all an easy task. You will need to thoroughly research and test them with a small live account before you can conclude that you've found your broker. During my time, I mostly checked on reviews and forums to know about a broker. That was the started point and you might want to check the thread "Going offshore to escape CFTC – Broker Discussion" in babypips, really helpful to those looking for trusted offshore brokers. Personally, I'm trading with Coinexx and FXChoice. Both are doing fair so far. They offer both MT4 and MT5. Spreads and commissions are sharper on Coinexx if that helps. But always DYOR.
Totally agree with you here. Even I religiously follow Babypips CFTC forum to get updates on different unregulated brokers. And after doing thorough research. I narrowed it down to three brokers, Coinexx, FX Choice, and Turnkey Forex. Lately, I have been facing some issues with FXChoice but Coinexx and Turnkey Forex are still going strong. They offer everything a trader looks for: high leverage, low commission, excellent execution, fast withdrawals. But if I have to choose between the two, I think I will choose Turnkey Forex over Coinexx.