Looking For Companions


Feb 25, 2024
Hello everyone!
I used to do a bit of trading, and after many years, I've returned to it. So far, things are going well, but I'd like to build a system that will be much more reliable than the current one.
I'm an electrician, not a programmer, but I write simple indicators.
I also intend to try running my current trading system, which has many flaws, through a neural network to see if it will come up with any conclusions.
I wanted us to get acquainted, so I wrote about myself to see if anyone is interested in some kind of collaboration.
We have similar professions, and more heads are always better than one.
If you're interested, please let me know.
Of course, my name is not Neptune80, obviously, that's some username I opened for no reason. I value my privacy quite a bit. My name is Nebojša.
Friendly greetings!
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