Helping with EA!


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Aug 17, 2012
Igor (Igor123472) 56 Seconds ago

Hello guys,

I want to be helped about how to program easy tasks in mt4.

I will give an example about what i wish.

If the gold price is traded on resistance zone at 1310 and i know that the gold will drop to 1300, i might enter a short position.

Ok, but if the price match 1300, could i put an expert advisor to work for me automatically?

The price will target 1300 and the ea might open a long position there when i am busy doing other things.

Each action done by EA, might be a pre-coded in order to do that in the future.
Understand what i'm saying?

So, it is how to code an ea for prepare it to enter long/short trades automatically in very specific price only the trader thought about it.

is there a code in order to do that?

the code should be modified daily according to the ideas of the trader.