GBP USD technical analysis and forecast

GBP / USD Technical Studies , forex GBP / USD Technical analysis from gold pattern
The GBPUSD is testing a short term resistance area if the pair stabilizes
Above the 1.3300 level, the GBP / USD is expected to rise to the 1.3370 level
In the case of the appear of reversal candles, such as

the shooting star candle pattern , bearish englfing pattern
Or other Japanese reversal candle patterns
The pair is expected to fall towards the 1.3200 level
The GBPUSD formed the zigzag AB = CD when it rose
From the 1.3066 level, which is a sign of a possible decline for the GBP
Today's technical summary for the GBP and the currency analysis

It is preferable to wait for the GBPUSD to sell if it closes on

the hour frame near the 1.3250 level