Forex Rebates


Active Trader
Jan 13, 2010
I hope you know about posibility to lower your spread or trading commissions. If not, you are missing a great part for your profitable trading.

We help forex traders to lower their spreads from July, 2009. Already 4 and half year has passed since our start and today you can get trading rebates at 32 brokers. You can earn forex rebates for:
- Forex trading
- Metals trading like Gold, Silver and others
- Oil trading
- CFD trading
- Indices trading
- Futures trading
- Options trading
and etc.

Also, you can purchase forex robots through us and get forex rebate for it, too!

We are here to help you:
- find a suitable broker for your trading
- make more profit by earning rebates
- save on Forex Robot purchases

Go to our website at and contact us on live support. If we are not available, send us a message.


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Sep 11, 2014
There is no better insurance policy than having a solid rebate service and that is why I love trading with OctaFX, as they have the highest rebate service with giving us 15 USD every time we complete 1 lot size trading and also in general they have excellent reputation, so we can trade with them with full trust and the best part is that all of these rebate is equal to 50-60% of the spread we pay and also we get all our payments instantly!