Master Trader
Mar 26, 2011
100% trading bonus on your initial deposit up to $600 plus 30% for any amount exceeding $600.
(Maximum amount of cumulative bonus $2000).
For all clients with MICRO, STANDARD, and EXECUTIVE accounts
Bonus available for trading within 24 hours
EU regulated broker


Introducing the next generation of online trading

Trade with a licensed, trusted, experienced broker.

Forex trading redefined with flexible leverage up to 888:1
All the features you are used to plus much, much more
At a whole new level.

Trade Forex, CFDs, Oil, Gold and Stock Indices.
7 Platforms, 1 Account. Trade anytime, anyplace.

Superior execution with no requotes and no rejection.
100% execution rate, 99.35% order execution in less than 1 sec.

Execution Policy:

99.35 of all orders executed in less than 1 sec.
Strict NO re-quotes policy – NO Virtual Dealer plug-in
100% execution rate – no rejection of orders
Real-time market execution
Place orders online or by phone
Guaranteed fills on take profit and stop-loss orders

Instant deposits with zero fees. Same day withdrawals.
Start trading with as little as $5.
Enjoy the safety of tier 1 banking with Barclays segregated accounts.

$100,000 non expiring demo accounts.
Unlimited practicing, no risk, no obligation.
Non expiring demo accounts open to everyone with no time limitations.

24 hour customer support with no boundaries.
Personal account managers for all clients.
Superior support through live chat, email and telephone.