Combining Heiken Ashi and Bollinger Bands for Trading Profits


Dec 15, 2014
I do not see the article you are refering to. I combine Ichimoku, Heiken Ashi, and Bollinger bands to create consistant entry and exit points on trends. I like where you are going with your thread here. I am looking for a programmer who has developed this Expert Advisor with these 3 indicators or at least Heiken Ashi and Bollinger. I find that use Bollinger in the 1 standard deviation and Heiken Ashi is pretty consistant. The Heiken Ashi seems to cross in the opposite color once the trend is over. But, it seems through my studies that including the Ichimoku filters out a lot of choppy trades. (above cloud to buy, below cloud to sell). Let me know if you know where to find this expert advisor.