1. Enivid

    Negative Volume Index

    Discuss Negative Volume Index indicator (it shows price changes on declining trading volume only) for MT4, MT5, and cTrader in this thread. You can ask any questions about this free indicator here.
  2. PaulVic

    MT4 Vol/spread factor

    Hi There.. does anyone know is there an MT4 indicator that can place a number made up of "volume/spread" over each price bar (volume divided by spread). The number could be based on the total spread (high/low) and open/close. There would need to be an input to adjust the number (by a ceretain...
  3. N

    Volume Spread Analysis

    Does anyone have any study material regarding Volume Spread Analysis
  4. L

    Should I consider the divergence from the wick?

    In the pic I have simulated a divergence with an indicator (the blue line oscillating) the black and the green lines show the degree of the divergence between oscillator (on balance volume) and price Question is: am I doing good drawning the black and the green line from...
  5. L

    What would you see in this pattern?

    sorry for the noob question could be this an accumulation pattern? Based on what would you tell that? I know that one cannot say that based only on this pic. But in general what do patterns like these mean? https://i.ibb.co/g9SxtQy/Schermata-da-2020-04-18-15-57-03.png
  6. J

    Convert MT4 indicator to MT5

    Hi all! I just moved from mt4 to mt5. However, I am facing a challenge in that I cannot find some of the most useful indicators I was using on mt4. If anyone can help me in knowing how to convert them or just convert them for free, I'd really appreciate! These are wonderful indis, especially...
  7. PaulVic

    Volume indicator to show Bullish/ Bearish Bias

    Is there anybody that can help with this? Intention To come up with a volume indicator that can show if volume pressure is bullish or bearish in nature and to show the difference (in bullishness/bearishness) over time. I understand that volume is tick volume, but all the same it shows activity...
  8. C

    Forex signals on Telegram

    Hy traders, I would like to invite you to my free Telegram channel where I share my trading ideas. https://t.me/CaesarFXtrading
  9. tguild

    Indicator « Delta Volume » for MetaTrader 4

    The indicator takes information on the traded volume on sale and in the purchase of real exchange players of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and displays it on forex. DeltaVolume Indicator conveniently outputs the received information on the Meta Trader chart. By default, a vertical...
  10. tguild

    Indicator « Options » for MT4

    The indicator takes information on the open interest and the trading volume of options of real exchange players of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and displays it on Forex. Options Indicator conveniently displays the information on the Meta Trader chart. By default, an open interest...
  11. M

    Hidden Gap Volume Indicator MT4 to MT5 convert

    Hello, I need someone to convert the Hidden Gap Indicator by Chief1Oar (name on Forex Factory) from current version MT4 to MT5 and maybe i would see a different copy with tick volume probably it may make difference here is a link and his mq4 copy on it, plus it has some instruction if...
  12. PaulVic

    volume up down different colour

    hi all does anybody have a volume indicator that shows (for MT4); when price bar is up volume bar is say green, when price bar down volume bar is red. (not to bothered about actual volume bar colour as long as principle applies) ta Paul
  13. L

    What does this pattern mean?

    Can I ask you what does this pattern mean? A friend of mine told me: ''I am a stocks trader, not a bitcoin trader but I have seen this pattern a lot of times in years of stocks trading, and this means up pump'' Was he trolling me? I am a newby, by looking at the chart...
  14. PaulVic

    Weis Wave3c Indicator (cumulative tick wave volume) alteration please

    Hi Minor alteration needed to attached, i have tried altering it myself but unfortunately well beyond me. When loaded the indicator gives a graphical total volume at bottom of screen which is fine. In the price window it draws a zigzag and at the peaks/ troughs the corresponding "wave total...
  15. L

    How do you detect order flow trading?

    I have red about order flow trading. To summarize: Institutions with big money can't place all their orders once, they would unbalance the market. So they seek for liquidity points, such as stop losses or take profits in that way they let stop loss trigger moving the market trought them. My...
  16. PaulVic

    Volume sum between two vertical lines

    Hi there I am after an indicator that can sum volume (or rather ticks) between two vertical lines and give a sum value on the screen that changes as you move the lines. Often the volume across a top or a bottom can be significant but difficult/ time consuming to compare/sum in time before a...
  17. SwitchTrader

    Indicator for Volume Crossing Horizontal Line Alerts

    Hi All, I've just joined the the forum today and firstly would like to thank Envid and Earnforex for the excellent work on the Market Profile and Trade Entry Indicators both of which I already use. I've been all over the internet but can't seem to be able to find the specific yet seemingly...
  18. L

    MACD and volume increasing

    Hello I would like to share with you some opinions about this trading strategy. Is there a good probability of uptrend when MACD shows upside signals alongside with Volume? How much is the odd that the trend will be an uptrend, if the the MACD and the Onbalance Volume...
  19. L

    Do you prefer MFI or RSI?

    Sorry I wanted to ask community if the find better to use MFI or RSI MFI is calculated considering price AND also volume. SO could it be better compared to RSI?
  20. L

    volume in forex

    Hello I would like to have an idea of the volume in forex (not the volume of my broker, the real volume). How can I do? I know forex is not regulated, but Future Forex it is. So can I open an account for trading eur/usd futures and see the volume there having an idea...