1. Massa trader

    Vix index

    $evz fx vix index . Is this just for the $/euro volitility index or can you use this to gauge volitility on major and minor currencies.
  2. mugy erick

    Volatility 75 Index Strategies

    I have been conducting my research for two years now for profitable strategy to trade VIX 75. Her are what i have come with. Bollinger Bands 25 William Fractals Alligator (13,5,3) 1. Do not take trade when the BB contrast and the alligator move vigolously, but it's time to prepare for...
  3. L

    How does VIX index influences forex and USA stock market

    I have red that VIX index is the volatility index. My question would be: How does it influence the forex and the stoks market? In those days interest rates have been rised, but the market has reacted not so bad in the end, well how did perform the VIX about this...