Volatility 75 Index Strategies

mugy erick

Nov 11, 2019
I have been conducting my research for two years now for profitable strategy to trade VIX 75.

Her are what i have come with.
Bollinger Bands 25
William Fractals
Alligator (13,5,3)

1. Do not take trade when the BB contrast and the alligator move vigolously, but it's time to prepare for opportunity to trade.
2. If the BB start to expand look for potential direction of the bands, wait for the fractal to form and take a long trade.
3. Also understanding market trend may help more in this strategies.
4. For price action trading, wait for the candle to touch the upper band or lower band. If it touches the upper band and the fractal has formed take a short buy. If the candle touches the lower band wait for fractal to form and take a short sell.
5. Alligator may help you to trace direction for long trade.
6. Always remember to place stop loss at the bands border and take profit at the middle band

WARNING!! Trading Volatility 75 Index is very dangerous and high profit, Five pips or simple pullback can blow your accounts.

If have any question you can ask and i will tell you more here on the thread for the benefit of all.
You can add more strategy you know for the benefit of all.


Nov 29, 2019
Im trading VIX using the binary.com MT5 Synthetic Indices Account. Im trying look for or cook up some good strategies.
VIX is quite volatile, so I was thinking a good binary options strategy might work.