trading strategies

  1. M

    Alqannas strategy

    Hello, Today, I am excited to share with this simple strategy. Rules: Choose a high volume/volatility session (depends on the pair - London, NY ...). Enter Long Positions: When the trend is UP and strong. Exit when the indicator gives a sell signal. Enter Short Positions: When the trend is...
  2. D

    The Best Trading Indicators for Traders

    Have you ever wondered, why professional traders use the indicators they use? Do you find it difficult to understand how these indicators function or are calculated? Then this article is just for you. Here, I highlighted some of the most popular trading indicators used by traders and explained...
  3. Venom1989

    Honest Forex Signals Review-Must Read Before You Try It

    Allegiance American Enterprises, LLC, which owns Honest Forex Signals, is an American-based signals provider and webinar service that sends out trades from a live trader named Robbie Newton. In the United States, the service is a recognized member of the Better Business Bureau, which resolves...
  4. AtfxPhilippines

    MT4 Bid Line and Ask Line - Trading Strategies for Beginners

    Some traders place orders by simply clicking on the F9 order screen and clicking Quote if they are buying and Quote if they are selling, not really caring what the exact price is. After all, as long as there is no abnormal slippage, the market price is the fastest way to trade other than...
  5. Venom1989

    Forex Auto King-New Monster Trading System

    It provides the best copy trading via 3rd part Ea to copy your trade. you have chance to get Forex Auto King system with it’s amazing 40 + Recovery Factor and take trading to the next level. How Forex AUTO KING Copy System UNLOCKS Profit Potential with 3 Sophisticated Market Domination...
  6. Venom1989

    FOREX AUTO KING Copy System- Amazing Copy System Software (Free Trial)

    FOREX AUTO KING provides greatest copy trading via 3rd part Ea to copy your trade. you have chance to get Forex Auto King system with it's amazing 40 + Recovery Factor and take trading to the next level. Lear More You have THE GUARANTEE of Accurate Operation, the benefit of complete service...
  7. Venom1989

    Exynox Scalper Review -Greatest Trading Robot True Or Not?

    I’m very glad to share some details about the model-new “Exynox Scalper” indicator with you which is Top and probably best Trading Software In market with it’s unique features and abilities to earn as much as you can. “Exynos Scalper” is an impressive indicator, that in contrast to EA/Robots...
  8. samandar

    New Book about Trading Strategies, Chart Patterns, Price Action, Moving Average Diversion and Volume-Price Analysis

    Although there are countless strategies for trading various assets (such as currencies, energy, metals, indices, stocks etc.), but here I want to show you my approach to trading and based on it my best trading strategy. My trading strategy is based on combining four highly probable signals...
  9. Forex InfoBook

    Forex InfoBook : Get Smart, Get Profitable

    Forex InfoBook is dedicated to providing traders with accurate technical analysis, trading signals, trading strategies and broker reviews by data mining the Foreign Exchange Markets. Our free Technical Analysis and Trading Recommendations are posted on the Forex InfoBook TECHNICAL ANALYSIS page...
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    Trading strategies

    Hi Friends, Profitable trading strategies will be explained in this thread.
  11. FXTrader29

    3 EMA Rainbow Binary Options Trading Strategy FREE Video Tutorial

    If you are looking for a high winrate binary options trading strategy then you must look further no more. You can watch a video tutorial on a high winrate 3 EMA Rainbow Binary Options Trading Strategy. This is a simple strategy that takes advantage of the trend. This strategy first let's the...

    Swing Trading Manual & Video Analysis

    Trade the Forex with Aggressive Trading Strategies Maximize your Profits while Side-Stepping Volatility
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    FOREX- One-on-One Coaching is Now Available!

    I am hosting a live-FREE webinar to show you how you can earn the profits and returns you have been trying to achieve! If you are a new trader or a novice trader with several years experience, struggling, fed up with the B.S., or if you are a determined trader looking to improve your...
  14. P

    Why Trading Moving Averages Fail? Nr. 1 Loser Indicator

    I know a lot of you are using the most popular indicator in the Market (Moving Average). What you do not realize is that is that MA is the #1 loser in the market. Don't get me wrong, all indicators are losers, but MA is the leader. Here is the bottom line.Indicators are not really the problem...