1. Daniel LQDFX

    LQDFX - www.lqdfx.com - Loyal * Quality * Devoted

    LQDFX was established in 2015 and has quickly positioned itself as one of the leaders in the CFD industry. With goals of being the most loyal, quality, and devoted broker through its business model of following the STP execution avenue – there is no dealing desk manipulation, no requotes, and no...
  2. F

    Simple strategy 5-10% profit per month with arbitrage

    Hello, I would like to introduce you to a forex strategy that is very easy to trade, with this strategy you simply build a hedge using two different brokers and then collect swap interest for the open trades every day. You have to use two different brokers to make it work because the brokers...
  3. Poker_player

    Where is my calculation mistake? Backtesting loss does not match calculation.

    here is USDJPY short open and closed at SL. So dayly swap eats 6.15 usd. Account is in usd. From jan 22 to feb 6 it has been 17 swaps. There is no commision. So my math is 6.15*17+52.5=157.05 but position loss is 175.48. What am I missing? I am not sure if swap usd per lot is changing...
  4. J

    Why are swap rates among brokers so vastly different?

    I was looking at this http://www.myfxbook.com/forex-broker-swaps Why are swap rates among brokers so vastly different? I.e. For Long EURUSD: High is like -3.70 pips (InstaForex) Low is like -0.06 pips (Oanda) There are also some brokers that pay you interest instead. Does that make one broker...
  5. garena

    How can I trade Commodities?

    I see many trader are trading commodities (wheat, oil, platium,...) But I don't see them on MT4 program, how can we trade them and does it work like currency trading (forex)?
  6. S

    Is any Martingale EA safe?

    Hello, I am not experience with martingale system, I see many ea that use this and show good result in the myfxbook. But read that this will blow account in one day soon? Can anyone make comments?
  7. Y

    What is SWAP?

    Can anyone here explain me, what is SWAP? I just know Swap is a debit or credit paid..
  8. H

    Swap indicator

    Hello, I look for a simple MT4 indicator that shows the swap for long and short trades of the chosen pair. Can anybody help me? Have a good week! hugo