1. Enivid

    2 New Forums

    I am glad to announce that we have added two new subofrums for discussions: Commodities and Stocks - for all your discussions related to commodity and stock markets. Forex Jobs - for listing your job offers and requests, related to currency trading. If you have any suggestions regarding...
  2. S

    New Theme

    I know that I am new here and dont have the right to say this but I think the forum theme needs to be changed. There are great professional vBulletin themes out there that could fit to this site instead of using the original Theme that came with vBulletin I also think that a new theme will...
  3. S

    New Sub-Forums

    Hey Im new here but I thought it would be nice if this site had a Testimonial Forum were members could post threads about how this site has helped them and I thought It would also be good to put up a Spanish part in the International Section I could help with this because I speak Spanish Myself.;)