1. Enivid

    ATR Trailing Stop EA

    Discuss ATR Trailing Stop expert advisor here. This free EA provides an automated mass trailing stop tool based on the average true range (ATR) indicator. You can ask any questions about this MetaTrader robot here.
  2. Enivid

    Set Fixed SL and TP

    Discuss Set Fixed SL and TP MetaTrader script in this thread. You can ask any questions about this free script here.
  3. Black Art

    SL&TP Values with commission

    Hello Everyone ! Love the SL&TP Values indicator (attached). However it does not calculate SL&TP correctly when the commission is involved. Could someone pls help me with the code and make necessary adjustments in the way that commission is added or subtracted from the lost/ profit ? Also it...
  4. ice911

    Calculating maximum position size based on stop-loss and stop-out level

    hi iam using robot for trading i would like to know the formula to hold a position down to 40 pip loss for usdjpy stop out 50% leverage 500
  5. AndyPipsir

    free Elite Panel for manual trading (but install as EA)

    Hey all, Hope, you are doing well. I'd love to share tool that I use personally. It helps me with my manual trading - manages all trades as well as help to set SL/TP and allow trailing SL... breakeven etc. Few useful scripts are available on the panel too - easy to close orders by...
  6. Sarwaan

    stop loss won't work

    Hi All, hope all you doing well, in this week twice my stop loss didn't active when and I bear the loss, I am doing trading from the month I am new in this market, can anyone please guide me how to avoid this?
  7. Enivid

    Account Protector

    Discuss Account Protector expert advisor here. This EA lets you control your orders and positions with a chart panel. You can ask any questions about this MetaTrader tool here.
  8. T

    Margin Call

    Hi every body I’m not a pro forex trader, I want to know what margin call level is? Why different account type has got different margin call level? Is it better that our account has a higher level or lower? Would you please help me? Thanks.