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  1. th-rich

    [Stocks] Low Float, News/Social Sentiment, Meme Stocks Momentum Journal

    Yes, stocks, I know. I'll be working on a similar system that is strictly for forex soon. But just want to keep track of these alerts, and have something to compare when I add forex to it. This system detects low float momentum, news & social sentiment, and meme stocks movement. I won't release...
  2. Bulls Arena

    Tata Power Share Price Target 2023 – Multibagger Share of 2023?

    TATA power’s share price growth story is very interesting and has recently piqued the interest of large investment firms. TATA power’s share price was 28.30 on 04 May 2020, rising all the way 828% to 277.30 on 11 April 2022. As of October 7, 2022, the share price of Tata Power had fallen 22.39%...
  3. Bulls Arena

    Reliance Reliance Capital Share Price Target 2022

    On weekly charts, Reliance Capital stock formed a low slope rising wedge after a steep downtrend. Price action on weekly charts suggests that the bearish move has stalled for the time being, and long-term investors are keeping an eye on the stock. On March 23, 2020, the stock reached an...
  4. IFC Markets

    CBA Technical Analysis

    CBA Technical Analysis The technical analysis of the CBA stock price chart on daily timeframe shows #A-CBA, Daily is retracing up after testing the 200-day moving average MA(200) which is falling. We believe the bearish momentum will continue after the price breaches below the lower boundary...
  5. EWM

    Elliott Wave Monitor

    Elliott Wave Monitor provides daily analysis and forecasts for currencies, metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, stock and financial news.
  6. vaughan

    Easy & Profitable Suggestion for Trading the DAX (GER-30)

    Open a Clean GER-30 Chart (using [M5] 5-minute time frame) mark a vertical line on the previous GER-30 Open Candle Price at 21.00hrs (UK time) and then mark another vertical line on the Open Candle price at 7.00am for the current day. The price frequently reverts to the previous days open candle...
  7. E

    New Year Offer Get Flat 25% Discount On Trading Signals

    Welcome the New year 2019 with Huge Savings & profit on all services. Epic Research is Offering Flat 25% Discount on Live Trading Signals Malaysia. Join today & earn profit in your trading interests like KLSE Signals | SGX Signals | FOREX | COMEX | CRYPTO etc. Register here for 3 days FREE...
  8. E

    Free Trading Seminar in Singapore| STI Investment Outlook

    Dear Partners and Traders, Epic Research Pte Ltd is organizing FREE Trading Seminar in Singapore Topic: Singapore: Measuring The STI Breadth - Investment Outlook Date: 3rd September 2018,Monday Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM SGT Venue: TKP Conference Center, 55 Market St, #03-01, #09-02 Raffles Place...
  9. L

    How do you detect order flow trading?

    I have red about order flow trading. To summarize: Institutions with big money can't place all their orders once, they would unbalance the market. So they seek for liquidity points, such as stop losses or take profits in that way they let stop loss trigger moving the market trought them. My...
  10. L

    Newb question about leaverage

    Hello may I ask you one thing about leaverage? Let's suppose I open a position with leaverage on a stock traded at 5$ Leavearge 1: 100 I will put 1'000 $ in a stock at the price of 5 $ , assuming it could go up As I know with a position 1000 $ in a leaverage of 1: 100...
  11. L

    Question about stock Broker faliure

    Hello may I ask you somenthing? I am EU citizen (I am german) I would like to buy stocks of an USA company The fast way to buy them is trought a Broker (ETF) My question is: What will happen if I buy a stock (ETF) with Broker, then after 10 years that broker dosen't...
  12. Hough Stafford

    Effective Way to Earn from Forex Trading?

    Hi, I am new in this forum but I am not new to forex. I just want to discuss effective strategies you have in order to have an effective and as much as possible way to have a fast profit.What is your fastest time to gain profit?
  13. A

    Start Your Lucrative and High Yield FX (or Option) Brokerage Company: $17,500

    We provide Comprehensive Training on how to start, run and manage your Startup FX brokerage. All you need is computer and internet. A Dedicated Business Consultant is your single point of contact for everything you need. This representative will stay with you throughout the evolution of your...
  14. FXTrader29

    How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market 127 Page FREE eBook By Nicholas Darvas

    Nicholas Darvas was a ballet dancer and a part time stock trader. Nicholas Darvas is a legendary stock trader who was able to make $2 Million in 1 year. His story got featured in Time Magazine. You can download his famous book: How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market in pdf form. You can also...
  15. AZAforex

    Daily technical Analysis and Recomendations by AzaForex

    Successful strategies to employ in foreign currency exchange. We made foreign exchange trading easy for you. Use our trading recommendations and tips to get the best from the forex market.
  16. A

    How to begin investing in the stock market?

    Hello everyone, I've built a decent amount of savings over the years and I'm ready to start investing some of it. When it comes to personal finance and creating wealth, there is no better long-term investing strategy than the stock market. But how do I start investing? What do I need to know...