round numbers

  1. Enivid

    Round Levels

    Discuss Round Levels indicator (display of psychological S/R zones near round price levels) for MT4 and MT5 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  2. kim Larsen

    Help to code EURJPY round number EA

    Hi, I would like some help do code the following EA. I have noticed that EJ often bounce or get rejected at the 100 round numbers (136,135 etc) So what I would like is an EA that place a Sell limit at the upper round number and a Buy limit at the low. The orders should be created when price...
  3. Easy Trader

    I could use some help.

    If there is anyone that can help me add some code to a EA I would greatly appreciate it. I have a EA that I managed to tweak to make it trade reversals off of round numbers. Basically just fading the round numbers. Problem is that it places a trade every time the round number is touched...