1. Enivid

    Interview with Trading Point — CySEC, Regulation, and Forex

    More than a year has passed since my last interview with a Forex broker representative. Today, your attention is distracted by the interview with a Cypriot Forex broker, Trading Point. Costantinos Cleanthous, Chief Executive Officer, has answered some questions concerning the company, the...
  2. R

    Dealing with ESMA rules

    I read that the European regulators are requiring maximum leverage to be lowered significantly across a bunch of different asset classes - how do you guys deal w this? Put up a bigger deposit or just move to a different broker outside EU...feel like if it's move to a different broker I might as...
  3. L

    Question about stock Broker faliure

    Hello may I ask you somenthing? I am EU citizen (I am german) I would like to buy stocks of an USA company The fast way to buy them is trought a Broker (ETF) My question is: What will happen if I buy a stock (ETF) with Broker, then after 10 years that broker dosen't...
  4. B

    Recently signed up to a broker, wanted your thoughts...

    Hi everyone, I recently signed up with KayaFX and, after reading some pretty negative things online, I signed up to this forum to get some (hopefully) more trustworthy answers as I don't know what to believe. So far, they seem fine. The person I spoke to on the phone said not to believe the...
  5. A

    Regulated Broker

    Hi, I would like to if how would I know if the broker is regulated?
  6. BenderRodriguez

    FOREX regulation

    Hello everyone ! I am running an academic investigation into FOREX regulation issues. In particular, my question is following: "Does FOREX need a centralized regulation or selfregulation is enough given a high disclosure of informaton?" By centralized regulation I mean laws and central banks'...
  7. R

    Forex broker regulations?

    More often when we are looking for a good forex broker to open an account with, we usually look for a forex broker who is regulated hoping that it’s going to be a good one and not scam one. However, does those regulations are guaranty that we are not going to be scammed?