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  1. ForexIdentity

    Forex challenge starting with 4 EUR

    Hello traders and traders to be, In my trading journey I have motivated and helped traders to be part of the succes story of forex. One thing I noticed is the fear of not having enough money to start a forex business. With my youtube channel I will proof to all of you a few euro’s, usd's or...
  2. Dylan.vts

    Hello from a professional trader to EarnForex and all its users

    I have been a trader professionally since 2009 where I worked for a company teaching people how to trade before eventually going on my own. I decided to join a few forums and put together a short manual covering all the indicators I use personally, what to set them to and how they work. You...
  3. F

    Learning or just practicing?

    Demo is great but many people need more thoughts on the subject from twenty year trading professional.
  4. F

    Professional help from Twenty years on the desk

    Twenty years of Professional trading to help you
  5. F

    NFP and UK elections

    NFP and UK elections, profit and problems for forex.
  6. F

    Look forward strategically

    Get help and ideas at Twenty years of professional trading. From the traders at Traders Bay Partners.
  7. Profit.Master

    Forex asset manager services

    Forex money manager - Forex Managed Accounts Forex Managed Accounts The word Forex is an acronym for the foreign exchange market. Forex is a currency exchange opportunity where investors trade one currency for another and is one of the most vigorous trading markets in the world. Forex...