price action

  1. alireza

    Request to add data to the data window

    Hello to all I have an indicator that does not transmit any information to the data window. I need the information of this indicator in the data window to write an expert. I would be grateful if anyone could help me, and when this indicator shows the numbers one, two and three on the chart, show...
  2. {0v0}

    Price Action or Indicators?

    I am interested to know whether traders here prefer Price Action techniques or Indicators (based on mathematical formulas) or a combination of both? And why?
  3. Trader Dale

    Volume Profile - Daily Analysis

    How to do an Intraday VWAP Analysis In my recent VWAP webinar, I showed two trading setups you can use with the VWAP indicator. One setup which you can use when there is a rotation and the other setup Today, I would like to show you how you can apply those setups in your trading. I will...
  4. samandar

    New Book about Trading Strategies, Chart Patterns, Price Action, Moving Average Diversion and Volume-Price Analysis

    Although there are countless strategies for trading various assets (such as currencies, energy, metals, indices, stocks etc.), but here I want to show you my approach to trading and based on it my best trading strategy. My trading strategy is based on combining four highly probable signals...
  5. Enivid

    Basing Candlesticks

    Discuss Basing Candlesticks indicator for MT4/MT5 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator for price action and share your ideas for its usage here.
  6. Q

    Price action courses' lifetime membership for sale

    I have lifetime membership in several well-known Price action groups. Now I have studied almost all the materials and I want to sell the membership for 50% of it official value. Only 1 person is eligible for each offer (membership can be transferred for your e-mail and password)!!! 1) Nial...
  7. Ray Mo

    hi guys i am learning ...

    newbie trader learning PA market analysis using order books vsa any ideas thanks
  8. J

    Trading strategies

    Hi Friends, Profitable trading strategies will be explained in this thread.
  9. M

    Double my account every month

    Hey guys, i never saw a good and detailled scalping Vlog on youtube.That's why I'll start it now. It was my first week with this trading account, and i'm not a beginner. I started my trading career in 2008. This is the link from my actual livetrading last friday and there you can fisit my...
  10. tobeone

    Exclusive Opportunity - Smart Price Action EA (only now)

    Live Signal: Expert Advisor:
  11. D

    Price Action & Trade Manual- No Indicators or Smaller Charts

    PRICE ACTION TRADING MANUAL The strategy shown in this Trading Manual is based on identifying High Probability Chart Patterns across several of the most liquid currency pairs, using the Daily & 4 Hour Charts. This is done independently of; Lagging Statistical Indicators; Volatile &...
  12. Ixbone

    Ixbone IX Trader Forex Software

    Ixbone IX Trader Forex is a Trading Software for Retail Forex market, which was designed and programmed for Metatrader. IX Trader Forex is designed for traders who already trade the Forex market and have advanced knowledge about money management, position sizes, can perform interest...
  13. T

    ElectroFX Pure Price Action Trading

    Hello EarnForex Members, I would like to start this thread to discuss trading Forex using nothing but Price Action, some people like to call it Naked Trading but I am dressed so I will stick with Price Action Trading :) THIS IS A SET AND FORGET APPROACH TO TRADING THE MARKET ACCURATELY WITH...
  14. P

    Price action is the key to professionally and successfully trade Forex

    Make real profits trading currency online with the help of the most powerful Price action strategies and techniques Ever wonder how to make money trading currency online, better know as Forex. Forex is a worldwide home based opportunity and a work at home job that can be...
  15. Ixbone

    Free Ixbone Price Action Indicator

    We have coded a new Forex Price Action indicator with extended alert and notification management. Features: - Uses 3 Moving Averages instead of original 2 - Calculates with High, Low, Open and Close - Displays 3 color lines - Executes an alert and/or notification if the fast and medium MA...
  16. Nigel Price

    Price Action Swing Trading - The PAST Strategy

    Hello and welcome to this thread. I am going to show here a style of trading that I use called Price Action Swing Trading, or PAST for short. In very simple terms, it just combines two very simple price action setups, one on a larger timeframe and one on a lower timeframe. I use these...