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    Crypto Currency Historical Quotes (Filled Orders and Order books)

    Hi everyone, I have 1year historical quotes for DOGE/USDT in csv format from a crypto exchange. However its not compatible on MT5. I have both filled orders and order books. If anyone knows how to convert any of data to tick by tick format compatible to MT5. I will humbly appreciate. NB: due...
  2. The5ers Prop Trading Fund

    The5%ers Trading Fund | We Fund The Top Forex Trader

    Hello Traders. This thread is dedicated to introducing The5ers trading view of the market. We will share here our key levels analysis and valuable articles about the profession of fx trading. The5%ers, is a remote forex proprietary trading fund, that runs a funded trading accounts program to...
  3. Ray Mo

    hi guys i am learning ...

    newbie trader learning PA market analysis using order books vsa any ideas thanks