The5%ers Trading Fund | We Fund The Top Forex Trader

Nov 1, 2018
Hello Traders.

This thread is dedicated to introducing The5ers trading view of the market. We will share here our key levels analysis and valuable articles about the profession of fx trading.

The5%ers, is a remote forex proprietary trading fund, that runs a funded trading accounts program to forex traders from all nations.

Our market analysis and views are based on core supply and demand trading along with sophisticated price action disciples.

The charts we are about to share with you, are key levels that should be tested, but not promised to provide reversals. This conclusion can only be determined at the time price is reacting to these zones.

If you wish to learn more about how we produce our analysis, and a glance look at our trading approach, start with this webinar recording hosted on somewhere back in 2017.

Regardless of our analysis methodology, The5ers trading fund is open and available to any trading discipline and strategy. If you have a solid trading performance, you have good chances of receiving a fully funded account contract. Check out the program on our website