1. IFC Markets

    Global retreat continues as US-China tensions resurface - 22.5.2020

    Top daily news Global equities are falling today after a down session on Thursday with US Labor department report showing nearly 40 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last nine weeks. Investors confidence was undermined also by rising US-China tensions as a bipartisan bill was...
  2. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis OIL : 2020-04-14

    Indicator Value Signal RSI Buy MACD Buy MA(200) Neutral Fractals Neutral Parabolic SAR Buy Bollinger Bands Neutral Chart Analysis On the daily timeframe, OIL: D1 formed an upward channel and is correcting upward from the minimum since February 2002. A number of...
  3. F

    Record-breaking oil fall

    The cost of a barrel of Brent crude oil fell below $ 55 for the first time since January 3, 2019, increasing losses from the beginning of the year to 18%. Contracts for WTI (traded with us #USOIL during the bidding dropped to $ 50 per barrel and stopped, seemingly, having found local support...
  4. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis OIL : 2019-04-29

    US President Appeals to OPEC Oil quotations fell by about 3-4% after US President Donald Trump called on OPEC to increase production. Will the correction of WTI quotations continue ? From its last low on December, it was up 56%. The local maximum was set on Tuesday, April 23rd. The main reason...
  5. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis &GAS/OIL : 2019-03-04

    A slowdown in global economy may reduce the demand for oil In this review, we suggest considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) &GAS/OIL. It reflects the price change dynamics of US natural gas against the American West Texas Intermediate (WTI) light crude oil. Will GAS/OIL prices...
  6. IFC Markets

    The US and China leaders meeting is being planned

    US stock indexes gained after US President Donald Trump's announcement that he would postpone the increase in import duties on Chinese goods Previously, it was supposed to introduce duties of 25% for Chinese goods supplied to the US amounted 200 billion $ a year from March 1, 2019. A meeting...
  7. Maikeisha Cuyler

    Weekly Technical Analysis of USD/GBP and Oil

    Trend holds steady at 1.294 for the week USD/GBP resistance at 1.3078 while support bottoms out at 1.2717. Oil gains as China trade agreement reports negative output. (WTI) Crude oil Futures up by 2.2% [URL deleted]
  8. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis &SumOIL/GAS : 2018-11-28

    OPEC and non-OPEC producers discuss the possible reduction in oil production In this review, we suggest considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) &SumOIL/GAS. It reflects the price dynamics of the portfolio of futures on oil of two brands – Brent and WTI against futures on natural...
  9. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis &WHEAT/RUB : 2018-11-13

    Russia and the EU may reduce wheat exports In this review, we suggest considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) “Wheat vs the Russian Ruble”. It increases when wheat prices rise in the world market and the Russian currency weakens. Is there a possibility for the WHEAT/RUB to rise? A...
  10. IFC Markets

    US-China trade talks progress hope supports markets

    Trump tweets had “very good conversation with President Xi Jinping” US equities advance continued on Thursday supported by President Trump’s upbeat tweet on trade talks with China. The S&P 500 rose 1.1% to 2740.37. Dow Jones industrial average gained 1.1% to 25380.74. The Nasdaq composite...
  11. DrinkForex

    Complete Guide to Trading Oil

    Have you ever considered trading oil but didn't know where to start? George from TradePro Academy recently wrote a guest post at DrinkForex. He goes into detail about where to start to set yourself up for success trading the Oil market. Read the full article at...
  12. Aleksbuk

    My trade journal

    Hi everyone! My name is Aleks and i want to share you my trading vision and show you how i trade. I have 7 year practical experience in trading and i have my trade system, which is very unique. In this thread i will put my trades with explaine logik in trade. This is futures: S&P500 mini...
  13. garena

    How can I trade Commodities?

    I see many trader are trading commodities (wheat, oil, platium,...) But I don't see them on MT4 program, how can we trade them and does it work like currency trading (forex)?
  14. M

    FxMonMan - USOil from the heights... where?

    USOil is these days mentioned in connection with everything and everywhere. It is true that the fall from levels around 108 to level 47 we don't see every day, but how is one great truth - if talking about it already Joe, it's time to be cautious. ;-) On the other hand, my opinion is that the...
  15. Vistabrokers

    Market Analysis by Vistabrokers

    Plunging OIL sees risk aversion as Investors flock to Yen The Yen was buoyant today following a sharp decline in crude oil and stocks which resurfaced concerns regarding the global economy. Additionally growing fears in the Eurozone’s stability and measures to be taken against deflation...
  16. D

    Oil - Technical Analysis

    Oil 27/09/2012 - 4h Chart Analysis OIL 4 HOURS CHART COMMENTS: If you had the chance to view the video trading analysis posted yesterday forecasting the evolution of the Oil’s price, you had already appreciate its accuracy. Sooner or later the price will try to test the 50SMA by...
  17. M

    How Will War With Syria Affect Oil Prices?

    As Syria’s civil war escalates, we see the situation get closer and closer to a larger military campaign with foreign intervention. So aside from the civilian catastrophe, how will this affect world crude oil prices? In recent days, a Syrian fighter pilot defected to Jordan along with his...
  18. Enivid

    Yen Drops This Week as Japan’s Inflation Slows, Output Declines

    The yen posted its first weekly decline against the dollar in two months as Japan’s inflation slowed and industrial production slumped, adding to bets the central bank will pump cash into the economy at a faster pace. Japan’s currency depreciated for a third week versus the euro as Bank of...