1. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis NZDJPY : 2019-11-27

    The next round of US-China trade talks is expected Representatives of the United States and China held talks regarding the conclusion of the first phase of a trade deal. Will the NZDJPY rise? Such a movement is observed in case of the strengthening of the New Zealand dollar and weakening of the...
  2. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis NZDJPY : 2018-10-31

    Normalization of the US-China relations may support the New Zealand dollar US President Donald Trump announced that he is going to make a big deal with China. This can reduce the intensity of mutual trade wars. Will the NZDJPY rise? Such a move indicates the strengthening of the New Zealand...
  3. Enivid

    A Channel Pattern To Watch On Nzd/jpy @ H4

    You can see this ascending channel on NZD/JPY on H4 timeframe with potential shorting opportunity: More in the blog post:
  4. CashBackForex

    Is the Yen Still a Sale?

    Forex traders who correctly anticipated the yen was going to fall against other currencies have had a good month. At the beginning of January, the USD/JPY was trading just under 87¥ to the USD. By the end of the month it had slid to over 91¥ to the USD. Even more impressive was the...
  5. B

    07.12.12facebook forex signal for nzdjpy sell

    nzdjpy sell sell - 68.432 sl - 68.655 tp1-5pips, tp2 - 10 pips, tp3 - 15 pips guys use it this strong fxbase signal for your trade and give feed back also