natural gas

  1. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis &GAS/RUB : 2019-10-15

    U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas Exports Reveals Historical High In this review, we suggest to consider the Gas vs Ruble Personal Composite Instrument (PCI). It reflects the price dynamics of US natural gas against the Russian ruble. Will the GAS/RUB quotations grow? Such a movement indicates that...
  2. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis &GAS/OIL : 2019-03-04

    A slowdown in global economy may reduce the demand for oil In this review, we suggest considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) &GAS/OIL. It reflects the price change dynamics of US natural gas against the American West Texas Intermediate (WTI) light crude oil. Will GAS/OIL prices...
  3. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-NATGAS : 2019-01-16

    Cold snap is expected in the US U.S. National Weather Service forecasts cold snap in the United States. Will natural gas prices rise? The growth of natural gas prices may be due to an increase in demand for heating amid cold weather. Let us not that the volume of trades of natural gas on the...