1. ezraluandre

    How to code multi timeframe analysis

    Hi I try to build EA that using multi timeframe analysis. Let's say I want to use MA as trend and stochastic as entry. Let's say I want to use MA in higher timeframe, to do that I will code like this, If(iClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,0) >iMA(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,200,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0) for...
  2. L

    DT ZigZag Lauer MT4 to MT5 Conversion

    hello guys i have a mt4 indicator that i use alot, i would like to convert it to mt5 .thank you in advance.
  3. MrVolume

    Best Indicator Ever "The Holy Grail" Need Evolving

    This is my best indicator. So far so good with no loss (100% profit) and just only 14% drawn down plus 30% gain in one month. One important thing again is, it just use really small deposit load about 2% to gain profit. but It need evolving it to MT5, any help will be greatly appreciate. Thank you.
  4. Mr Steve

    Can Anyone help me Code my trading Strategy to an EA

    Hello Everyone, I have a trading strategy which have been profitable for a long time now, and I wish to automate it,.. Pls anyone wish to help?
  5. baraozemo

    Trend Continuation Factor - Multiple Timeframes (TCF MTF)

    Hi, I got this "tcf - mtf nmc.mq4" indicator from MT4 and I started the conversion to mt5, but I can't finish it... need help to finish the conversion to mt5. tks Zemo
  6. Enivid

    TRO MultiPair

    Discuss TRO MultiPair indicator (multi-timeframe multi-pair analysis) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  7. Enivid

    Trade Assistant

    Discuss Trade Assistant indicator (multi-timeframe multi-indicator analysis) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  8. M

    MTF Momentum Indicator

    Momentum indicator, multi-timeframe version, for MetaTrader 4. Download it here Download MTF Momentum Indicator Here Good Trading!