mql4 programming

  1. Jixo man

    Enquiry On This EA Image

    Please who have an idea, what are on this chart. I added moving average to my chart but I didn't get any thing similar.
  2. Jixo man

    How To Code Stoploss Into A Moving average EA

    Good day forex trader's. I modified a Moving average EA which it's take profit and stop loss is coded to take profit when the averages cross. And also stop loss is also hit when the moving averages cross. Please and please I need an idea on how I can code to Stoploss to be 50pips loss. I know I...
  3. Jixo man

    EA not taking Trade

    Good morning traders. I am kinda new to mql4 and coding in general. Here is an EA on moving average I tried to modify . But it is not working. I tried it on strategy tester it did not work likewise. Please help. Thanks for your help. I know someone will help fix it.
  4. Jixo man

    Mql4 programming.

    Is there any one that will like us to share knowledge on mql4 programming together. Sometime, two two heads are better than one. Hit up, let's take it from there.