1. hayseed

    educational type indicators

    as promised, here will be a collection of educational / informative / curiosity type indicators..... they are meant to be on a 1 minute chart but not run full time..... most were written long ago...... will start with the psar...... my curiosity was, if all timeframes psars were red...
  2. Black Art

    SL&TP Values with commission

    Hello Everyone ! Love the SL&TP Values indicator (attached). However it does not calculate SL&TP correctly when the commission is involved. Could someone pls help me with the code and make necessary adjustments in the way that commission is added or subtracted from the lost/ profit ? Also it...
  3. Black Art

    Close position with define lot - script

    Hello ! This is my first post here, so first of all I would like to say a big HELLO to all of you ! I wish profitable trades to everyone !!! So what brings me here today ? I'm looking for a script where you can choose X lot of the position size to close out. For example: If I have a 0.10 lot...
  4. EnrichWave

    Alter for 2 hour Pivot

    Hello fellows. The attached Indicator is very good to calculate 1 hour Pivot points. Could anyone make changes to calculate 2 hour Pivot points?. Kind Regards
  5. PaulVic

    Volume indicator to show Bullish/ Bearish Bias

    Is there anybody that can help with this? Intention To come up with a volume indicator that can show if volume pressure is bullish or bearish in nature and to show the difference (in bullishness/bearishness) over time. I understand that volume is tick volume, but all the same it shows activity...
  6. tierry

    How can I automatically compile an mt4 EA?

    How can I automatically compile an mt4 EA? With this I mean... How can I from a windows command line, invoke the metatrader compiler, point to a file for it to compile it.
  7. Enivid

    Calculadora del tamaño de la posición

    Este hilo del foro es para la discusión del indicador para MT4 y MT5 Calculadora del tamaño de la posición.
  8. hayseed

    various scripts for various reasons

    i'll start posting various scripts here...... being i'm currently working on bill williams profitunity system, will start with these involving sending pending orders at fractal and zigzag points...... video to explain...... used snagit latest version and seems the sound lags the action...
  9. S

    VWAP Bands for MT4

    Can somebody please make bands for this indicator ? It's VWAP (volume weight average price). So it'll become VWAP Bands. Please put standard deviation 1.0, 2.0 & 2.5 for it. So It'll look like Bollinger Bands. But I think it'll be better than Bollinger Bands. Thanks in advance. I don't know...
  10. X

    MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1 - GBPUSD H1

    MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1a and v1.1b .mq4 - Free MT4 Expert Advisor This free EA is a complete, fully optimized and re-coded version of the Meta Trader 4 'MACD Sample.mq4'. It has been in 'live' testing and development for a few years and should continue to deliver profits in 2011 and beyond...
  11. F

    EX4 to MQ4 conversion – Absolutely Free!

    If you have misplaced your mq4 source and you require a de-compilation done FOR FREE please email your ex4 and user manual to We guarantee all de-compilations and will take the extra step to ensure your de-compiled code will run exactly as expected (that is why...
  12. B

    Best MQ4 Services

    Hi all If anyone lose mq4 file and only have ex4 file and need mq4 file from ex4 please contact me : We doing oneday service or earlier .... We doing service ex4 to mq4 with special price .... - Support MT4 Build 223 - Support MT4 Build 220 - Support MT4 Build 219 - Support MT4...