1. Black Art

    SL&TP Values with commission

    Hello Everyone ! Love the SL&TP Values indicator (attached). However it does not calculate SL&TP correctly when the commission is involved. Could someone pls help me with the code and make necessary adjustments in the way that commission is added or subtracted from the lost/ profit ? Also it...
  2. Black Art

    Close position with define lot - script

    Hello ! This is my first post here, so first of all I would like to say a big HELLO to all of you ! I wish profitable trades to everyone !!! So what brings me here today ? I'm looking for a script where you can choose X lot of the position size to close out. For example: If I have a 0.10 lot...
  3. EnrichWave

    Alter for 2 hour Pivot

    Hello fellows. The attached Indicator is very good to calculate 1 hour Pivot points. Could anyone make changes to calculate 2 hour Pivot points?. Kind Regards
  4. PaulVic

    Volume indicator to show Bullish/ Bearish Bias

    Is there anybody that can help with this? Intention To come up with a volume indicator that can show if volume pressure is bullish or bearish in nature and to show the difference (in bullishness/bearishness) over time. I understand that volume is tick volume, but all the same it shows activity...
  5. tierry

    How can I automatically compile an mt4 EA?

    How can I automatically compile an mt4 EA? With this I mean... How can I from a windows command line, invoke the metatrader compiler, point to a file for it to compile it.
  6. Enivid

    Calculadora del tamaño de la posición

    Este hilo del foro es para la discusión del indicador para MT4 y MT5 Calculadora del tamaño de la posición.
  7. S

    VWAP Bands for MT4

    Can somebody please make bands for this indicator ? It's VWAP (volume weight average price). So it'll become VWAP Bands. Please put standard deviation 1.0, 2.0 & 2.5 for it. So It'll look like Bollinger Bands. But I think it'll be better than Bollinger Bands. Thanks in advance. I don't know...
  8. X

    MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1 - GBPUSD H1

    MACD Sample - Turbo v1.1a and v1.1b .mq4 - Free MT4 Expert Advisor This free EA is a complete, fully optimized and re-coded version of the Meta Trader 4 'MACD Sample.mq4'. It has been in 'live' testing and development for a few years and should continue to deliver profits in 2011 and beyond...
  9. F

    EX4 to MQ4 conversion – Absolutely Free!

    If you have misplaced your mq4 source and you require a de-compilation done FOR FREE please email your ex4 and user manual to We guarantee all de-compilations and will take the extra step to ensure your de-compiled code will run exactly as expected (that is why...
  10. B

    Best MQ4 Services

    Hi all If anyone lose mq4 file and only have ex4 file and need mq4 file from ex4 please contact me : We doing oneday service or earlier .... We doing service ex4 to mq4 with special price .... - Support MT4 Build 223 - Support MT4 Build 220 - Support MT4 Build 219 - Support MT4...