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    Happy to mentor people

    Hi All, I am looking to take on a few new students. If you would benefit from professional help and would like to be mentored. Please feel free to start a conversation/PM me and Ill do my best to point you in the right direction. Remember to plan, wait and THEN trade when the opportunity...

    100% Per Year Mentoring Service

    Enjoy Swing Trading Success with my 175-Page Manual and VIP Mentoring Services to Accurately Predict Pip Movements Every Month! ___________________________ __________________________ _________________________ Twitter: @WorldWide876 Facebook: DRFXTRADING Website ...
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    Forex Managed Account + Mentoring

    I'm offering Forex Managed Account program for retail traders. If you're interested in find someone to help you in your trading journey and if you're looking for someone to learn from, maybe I can help you. A little bit about myself: I've started trading from 2008, being successful in the...