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  1. Supdemtrader

    Supply/demand taught properly to nake youba very profitable trader

    Have you ever wondered if you can trade with the big boys on the right side if the market.if so supply and demand is your it's not a 100% winrate but with good money management you can get at least 80% win rate when your taught attached is what I teach.highly profitable...
  2. Anzo Capital

    How To Trade on MT4 with Anzo Capital (Part 1)

    After your account has been processed and approved, the next step is to open a MT4 live account. Keep in mind that in order to start depositing to Anzo Capital, you must first create a MT4 live account with us. Only then can funds be deposited by selecting the “Deposit funds” icon in the Client...
  3. Anzo Capital

    How To Open a Trading Account

    Here, I share with you a step-by-step guide to kickstart your Forex journey with Anzo Capital. Step 1: Fill in your particulars on the Anzo Capital website Click here to be redirected to the sign-up page. Step 2: Verify your email You will automatically be redirected to the Client Portal...