How To Trade on MT4 with Anzo Capital (Part 1)

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Feb 18, 2020
After your account has been processed and approved, the next step is to open a MT4 live account.

Keep in mind that in order to start depositing to Anzo Capital, you must first create a MT4 live account with us. Only then can funds be deposited by selecting the “Deposit funds” icon in the Client Portal.

*Note: If you’ve previously filled in the “Account Information” portion when signing up for Anzo Capital’s trading account, you should have received the following email titled “Your MT4 Live Account” which contains your login details.


*Note: If you’ve left the “Account Information” portion blank previously, you’ll have to first open a live MT4 account in the Client Portal (refer to Step 1 below).

Step 1: Open a live MT4 account
Step 2: Download your preferred MT4 platform
Step 3: Login and trade
A. Mobile Version​
B. Desktop Version​

Step 1: Open a live MT4 account
  • Click here to be redirected to the Anzo Capital Client Portal login page.
  • After logging in, click on “Open live account” on the Client Portal homepage.

  • Select the account type and leverage for your MT4 account.


  • An email with the account information and login details for your MT4 account will be sent to your email address registered with us.

Step 2: Download your preferred MT4 platform
  • Click on “Download MT4” on the Client Portal homepage.

  • Select your preferred platform for installation:
    • For Android and iOS, you will be directed to download the app on either Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively.
    • For PC (Microsoft Windows), refer to our MetaTrader 4 User Guide here on the full installation process. The User Guide can also be found under “Marketing Tools” in the Client Portal.
    • For PC (MacOS), refer to MetaTrader 4’s instructions here as MT4 is currently unsupported.

Step 3: Login and trade
A. Mobile Version​
  • Upon launching MT4 on your mobile, click on “Settings” located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Click on “New Account”.
  • Select “Login to an existing account”.

  • You will be directed to a “Servers” page with a search bar at the top. Search for “Anzo Capital” and select “AnzoCapital-Live” server.
  • Enter your login details (refer to the email sent to you from us as mentioned in Step 1).

  • Once logged in, you should first check your MT4’s data connection status. To ensure that you are connected to a live feed, the prices on your screen should fluctuate.

  • To place a trade:
    • Click on the currency pair you are interested in.
    • Select “Chart” and you will be directed to its corresponding chart.
    • Click on “Trade” (button located at the top right corner of your screen).
    • You will be directed to a Market Execution page to place your trade.
    • A confirmation page will pop up briefly after you have successfully placed your trade.
  • Note that if you click on “Trade” instead after selecting your currency pair, you will not be shown its chart and will be brought to the Market Execution page directly.

  • To close a trade:
    • Click on “Trade” located at the bottom of the screen.
    • Tap and hold on the currency pair you want to close (i.e. EUR/USD) and a menu with various actions should pop up.
    • Click on “Close” and you will be directed to another similar Market Execution page.
    • Confirm your action by clicking on the orange button that says “Close with Loss / Gain”.
    • A confirmation page will pop up briefly after successful closing.


(Stay tuned to "How To Trade on MT4 with Anzo Capital Part 2" for the desktop version's guide...)

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