historical data

  1. F

    Export MT4 CSV info into a SpreadSheet.

    Where is the Historical Trade Data in CSV. File Located in MT4 ? How do i access/save this information ? Can it be automaticaley imported into the SpreadSheet ?
  2. J

    Real Ticks Discarded, Price Mismatch, Minutes Bars Absent

    MT5: When I do strategy tester on MT5 using "Every tick based on real ticks" I get many "Real Ticks Discarded", "Price Mismatch" and "Minutes Bars Absent" errors. How to fix this?
  3. Enivid

    Metatrader 4 Client Terminal Build 902

    Build 902 has become available on many brokers' trading severs today. It includes the changes of the Build 900 as well as some unannounced hotfixes for the bugs introduced in that build. Here is the list of the most notable changes: Added class templates (similar to C++), allowing a higher...
  4. Enivid

    Metatrader 5 Client Terminal Build 1200

    The latest MT5 update is now available on brokers' trading servers - Build 1200. The main changes include the addition of the long-term tick history, direct payment for services via the platform, and class templates. Here is the list of the most important changes for this build: Added tick...
  5. C


    Hi all, I have the following problem AAAFx platform not get 2012 download data of EUR / USD for backtesting, are downloaded only until 13/01/12 and then nothing does anyone know how to fix this? Am I doing something wrong?, I tried on several computers and nothing. Thanks and regards