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Nov 30, 2008
The latest MT5 update is now available on brokers' trading servers - Build 1200. The main changes include the addition of the long-term tick history, direct payment for services via the platform, and class templates. Here is the list of the most important changes for this build:

  • Added tick history (in the charts), which is stored on the trade server. Previously, you only had access to ticks stored during the current terminal operation period.
  • Payment for Signals and Virtual Hosting can now be done directly via payment systems without transferring funds to your MQL5 account first.
  • Added class templates (similar to C++), allowing a higher level of code abstraction and building multipurpose coding libraries.
  • Accelerated execution of MQL5 programs on 64-bit systems.
  • Added system information display on platform's startup.
  • New Market Watch window design: number of symbols displayed and total, quick search and add bar, Ctrl+U hotkey to manage symbols.
  • Economic calendar can now be present in several languages.
  • Fixed window arranging in terminal.
  • Fixed some bugs in Trailing Stop operation.
  • Better terminal display in 4K resolution.
  • Fixed operation of terminal under Windows 10.
  • It is now impossible to purchase products from MQL5 Market without signing in your MQL5.com account if the terminal is operating via VPS.
  • Fixed migration (to Virtual Hosting) of FTP settings.
  • New MqlTick format in MQL5 language:
    struct MqlTick
    	datetime	time;		// Time of a price last update
    	double		bid;		// Current Bid price
    	double		ask;		// Current Ask price
    	double		last;		// Current Last price
    	ulong		volume;		// Volume for the current Last price
    	long		time_msc;	// Time of a price last update in milliseconds
    	uint		flags;		// Tick flags
    Tick flags value shows what other values of the structure have changed since the previous tick's arrival:
    • TICK_FLAG_BID - new Bid
    • TICK_FLAG_ASK - new Ask
    • TICK_FLAG_LAST - new Last price
    • TICK_FLAG_VOLUME - changed Volume
    • TICK_FLAG_BUY - the tick is a result of a Buy deal
    • TICK_FLAG_SELL - the tick is a result of a Sell deal
    MqlTick structure can be used in CopyTicks() and SymbolInfoTick() functions.
  • Added operators * and & to receive a variable by its reference and to get a reference to a variable in MQL5 code.
  • ObjectsDeleteAll() function can now delete chart objects by a given name prefix - a very useful function for indicators using chart objects.
  • ObjectGetValueByTime() now returns correct values in all cases.
  • Copy*() functions now do not cause a long delay when there is no data to copy from the server.
  • MQL5 standard library has been updated. Its documentation is now available also in: German, French, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • MQL5 documentation is now available in Japanese.
  • Strategy Tester now features a tree of programs when selecting what to test, making it easier to set the input expert advisor or indicator.
  • Fixed various errors and bugs

This MetaTrader 5 update should already be available from your broker's trading server - just let your platform update. See this post by MetaQuotes for a complete list of changes.

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