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  1. Enivid

    Three Effective Trading Strategies for Forex

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. A look at three commonly-used online trading strategies Forming a trading strategy is definitely unique to each trader, however there are a few tried-and-tested options out there that many investors look...
  2. JsRollins

    Best 5 Minutes Trading Strategy

    Here I am talking about a simple 5 minutes trading strategy which I have named as 5minutes Golden Crossover Strategy. In this strategy we only use EMA's and steps are following as: EMAs Used - 4,9,18 4 cuts 9 & 18 from above - Sell Entry 4 cuts 9 & 18 from below - Buy Entry EMAs Sequence must...
  3. forum forex

    What is Bearish Options Strategies?

    Bearish Options Strategies are options trading strategies that are designed to profit when a stock goes down. For stock traders, the sole thanks to profit when a stock goes down is by shorting the stocks itself. Shorting the stocks itself doesn't only offers no leverage in the least but also...
  4. Forexguyz

    Make profit from forex no risk!!!!

    THE TOOL THAT WILL WONDER YOU We’ve developed a trading package designed for long-term, consistent profit. It's programmed with several laser-tuned, smart trading algorithms, which when combined, generate the most profitable BUY and SELL signals together with three adaptive Take Profit levels...
  5. chibisova sveta

    52 trading strategies, included in terminal

    There is something, that may interest you. Screenshots are for example. All strategies are devided into profiles for 9 currency pairs.
  6. FXTrader29

    Quattro Cash Envelopes Forex Master Levels FREE System

    Quattro Cash Envelopes trading system is being given free by Nicola Delic. You can download Quattro Cash Envelopes System 11 page PDF, custom indicators and template FREE. After a few days, Nicola Delic will open the doors to his Forex Master Levels system. When you download Quattro Cash...
  7. FXTrader29

    Rapid Cash Accumulator System That Made 495% In 1 Month FREE Download

    Nicola Delic is giving his Rapid Cash Accumulator System that made 495% return in 1 month FREE. You can download the Rapid Cash Accumulator System 6 custom indicators and 11 page FREE FREE. Nicola Delic will be opening the doors to his main Forex Master Levels System in the next few days. You...
  8. FXTrader29

    Forex Directional Edge Strategy By Vladimir Ribakov FREE Download

    Vladimir Ribakov will release his Forex Scorpio Code in the nest few days. As part of prelaunch of Forex Scorpio Code, he is giving his highly effective Forex Directional Edge Strategy as a gift. You can download 43 page Forex Directional Edge Strategy PDF manual plus templates and indicators...
  9. sinatraforex

    A 360 Approach To Trading Forex

    Whenever you lose a trade its not because of what you know, its because of what you don't know. In my opinion really successful Forex trading is not 2 dimensional, to truly be at ease when trading Forex you must be able to see the market in a 3 dimensional way. This means knowing just one...
  10. hwihi1

    Find a forex broker in a marketplace!

    Now, you want to get involved in the foreign exchange market, or forex. You’re itching to trade one currency for another and make some profit. But you can’t just barge into Citigroup of Merrill Lynch and start throwing euros and yen around. To participate, you need a forex broker. The...
  11. FXTrader29

    How To Trade With 5 Different Pivot Point Formulas?

    There are 5 different methods to calculate the pivot points and the different support/resistance levels. There is the Standard Pivot Point Formula. Then there are Fibonacci Pivot Point Formula and the Camarilla Pivot Point Formulas which are variations of the standard formula. Woodie's Pivot...
  12. FXTrader29

    Fast FX Profits Manual Price Action Strategy With 85% Average Winrate

    Fast FX Profits is a 28 page manual that teaches you a pure price action based trading strategy. It gives you the trade setup and where to place the stop loss. It shows 3 different take profit levels that you can use. Fast FX Profits is a manual set & forget strategy with 85% average winrate.
  13. FXTrader29

    Market Reversal Strategy Using Weekly & Daily Candles & Makes 100 Pips With 20 Pips Stop Loss!

    This is a simple market reversal strategy that uses the weekly and the daily to find the direction in which to trade. Then this market reversal strategy uses 4 hour chart to make the entry with a very low risk of 10-20 pips. Take profit is 100 pips for EURUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD etc. Take profit is...
  14. FXTrader29

    Camarilla Pivot Points Trading Strategy With High Winrate

    Camarilla pivot points are calculated in a different way as compared to ordinary pivot points. This Camarilla pivot points trading strategy has a high win rate. This strategy can be used in both sideways market as well as a trending market. Everything about this trading strategy has been...
  15. FXTrader29

    How To Make 200 Pips With A Small 10 Pip Stop Loss using only price action?

    This is a pure price action based forex trading strategy. In this strategy we use candlestick analysis to determine a very low risk entry. We only use a pending buy/sell order. We use a buy limit pending order above the daily candle low in case of a buy trade. In the same manner we use a sell...
  16. FXTrader29

    Macro Levels Trading Strategy 15 Page PDF FREE Download

    Michael Nurok is giving away his Macro Levels Trading Strategy FREE. You can download his Macro Levels Trading Strategy 15 page PDF FREE. Macro levels are critical levels where price finds strong support/resistance. Michael Nurok explains how you are going to trade his Macro Levels Trading...
  17. FXTrader29

    TrendCatcher Trading Strategy 24 Page PDF FREE Download

    Michael Nurok is giving away his TrendCatcher Trading Strategy 24 page PDF FREE. You can download this 24 page TrendCatcher Trading Strategy PDF as it explains a simple trend trading strategy that uses the crossover of 2 moving averages EMA 7 and EMA21 and the MACD with settings 5,13, 7. When...
  18. FXTrader29

    sRs Trend Rider 2.0 Is Fully Automated Now And Makes 100+ Pip Per Trade

    sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is now fully automated. The developer Vladimir Ribakov says his new sRs Trend Rider 2.0 can make 100+ pips trade. His sRs Trend Rider has been selling well for the past 5 years and getting raving reviews by the customers who wanted him to make his system fully automated...
  19. FXTrader29

    Inside Bar Trading Strategy Forex Robot FREE Download

    Inside bar is a high probability trend reversal signal. Inside Bar Pattern is quite reliable on 4 hour and Daily timeframes. When there is an Inside Bar Pattern on 4 hour chart, it means 4 hours of price action which is very important and if it is on the daily timeframe it means whole 24 hours...
  20. FXTrader29

    Forex Strategy That Doubles The Account In 1 Day

    Can you double your forex account in 1 day? Well with this forex strategy you can double your forex account in 1 day when you catch a move that makes 200-300 pips. Read this post below where I explain this forex strategy in details with screenshots...