forex strategies

  1. Gold_scalper1

    How to use proper money management in trading let's find out

    Lot Sizing Tips (Money Management) $50 Capital High risk = 0.10 lot Mid risk = 0.05 lot Low risk = 0.01 lot $100 Capital High risk = 0.20 lot Mid risk = 0.10 lot Low risk = 0.01 lot $200 Capital High risk = 0.40 lot Mid risk = 0.20 lot Low risk = 0.02 lot $500 Capital High risk = 1.00 lot...
  2. Venom1989

    Ultimate Forex Strategy Review-Superior Forex Strategy From Experts

    You don't need prior knowledge or market phobia to become a skilled trader using the ULTIMATE FOREX-STRATEGY. 1. What is ULTIMATE FOREX-STRATEGY trading, and how does it work? The global market where currencies from all around the world are transacted is called ULTIMATE FOREX-STRATEGY, which...
  3. rennauzo

    The easiest way to trade forex

    Understanding The Easiest Way To Trade Forex is one of the most important things you need to create a profitable trading career. That is why in this video I want to share with you what I consider to be the ultimate technical analysis strategy. How to make 50pips daily.
  4. simongoo

    Help EA

    Please can someone help me make an EA that uses a custom indicator which is .ex4, the EA uses an arrow indicator that means an indicator that only show arrow for buy and sell so this EA will have a field which I will input the indicator name and it will have a field where I will input the...
  5. chibisova sveta

    52 trading strategies, included in terminal

    There is something, that may interest you. Screenshots are for example. All strategies are devided into profiles for 9 currency pairs.
  6. samandar

    Unfair Methods of FOREX Trading Disclosed

    Here I'm going to introduce you this book "Forex Perfection in Manual, Automated and Predictive Trading" which I found some interesting information there. The book covers manual, automated and predictive trading. In manual trading it claims: The following is an example of a manual trading setup...
  7. sinatraforex

    A 360 Approach To Trading Forex- Theory OF Everything

    Subscribe To My Youtube 360 Trading Whenever you lose a trade its not because of what you know, its because of what you don't know. In my opinion really successful Forex trading is not 2 dimensional, to truly be at ease when trading Forex you must be able to see the market in a 3 dimensional...
  8. FXTrader29

    Fast FX Profits Manual Price Action Strategy With 85% Average Winrate

    Fast FX Profits is a 28 page manual that teaches you a pure price action based trading strategy. It gives you the trade setup and where to place the stop loss. It shows 3 different take profit levels that you can use. Fast FX Profits is a manual set & forget strategy with 85% average winrate.
  9. FXTrader29

    Market Reversal Strategy Using Weekly & Daily Candles & Makes 100 Pips With 20 Pips Stop Loss!

    This is a simple market reversal strategy that uses the weekly and the daily to find the direction in which to trade. Then this market reversal strategy uses 4 hour chart to make the entry with a very low risk of 10-20 pips. Take profit is 100 pips for EURUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD etc. Take profit is...
  10. Bence Olah

    Top 15 Forex Trading Strategies

    Hi Guys, I've just registered on this forum and got a pop up message to share my strategy. I decided to share not one but 15 forex strategies. I've created a video about it.
  11. FXTrader29

    Forex Strategy That Doubles The Account In 1 Day

    Can you double your forex account in 1 day? Well with this forex strategy you can double your forex account in 1 day when you catch a move that makes 200-300 pips. Read this post below where I explain this forex strategy in details with screenshots...
  12. FXTrader29

    Double In A Day Forex Strategy With Almost Zero Risk

    You can try this Double in a Day Forex Strategy on your demo account first. The crux of this strategy is to use a 100 pips move to double your account in around 1 day. You can read a detailed analysis of a double in day forex strategy trade in this post that explains a GBPUSD trade that doubled...
  13. FXTrader29

    USDTRY Forex Strategy That Made 4,000 Pips In 7 Days

    USDTRY is an exotic pair. You can trade it but the spread is a little bit higher as compared to the pairs like GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF. But the rewards are much more than you can reap on these pairs. In this article I have explained my USDTRY Forex Strategy that you can use to make 4,000 pip in 7...
  14. M

    My Forex Strategies

    Hello, if you are searching for some inspiration how to create/improve your trading system, maybe you can find something in my Forex Strategies collection. Hope it helps someone :)
  15. FXTrader29

    PRO Forex Techniques Live Webinar By Josh Martinez FREE Registration

    You can register for this PRO Forex Techniques Live Webinar FREE. In this PRO Forex Techniques Live Webinar, you learn the best times to trade, what types of trading techniques are used by the pro traders and you also learn a few proven and tested pro trading strategies. This webinar will be...
  16. M

    Major Components of Forex Trading Strategy

    Before, the forex market was limited only to long-term investors, banks and people who have greater capitals. The trading occurs via an agent or voice broker who will inform clients on what is going on. Later on, it was been replaced by a computerized automated systems. This was the early form...
  17. FXTrader29

    Euro Forex Strategies EURO Forex Secrets 21 Page FREE PDF By Zach Nester!

    Zach Nester is revealing his Euro Forex Strategies that make him upto $17.8K per month, download his Euro Forex Secrets 21 page PDF FREE in which he spills the beans on some of his Euro Forex Strategies. Forex traders from across the globe who were previously 'clue-less' & frustrated with their...
  18. F

    Asian market condition for currencies.

    EUR/USD has traded in a 20 pip range either side of its NY closing level. Press reports out of Germany suggest that a potential Merkel-Hollande alliance will not be as cosy as Merkozy but the market in Asia has had no interest. Range: 1.3227/48 USD/JPY has drifted slowly lower toward...
  19. F

    HAMA Forex Strategy

    Traders who try to pick the tops and bottoms of the market throughout the day end up with mostly misery. Also inexperienced fellows in forex departments even in first division clubs try to pick the tops and bottoms, believing that this is where the real big money is. No wonder why such traders...
  20. F

    Crow Breakout System

    Crow Breakout System - Trend lines and price formations are used in many ways by investors. The trading strategy that I will teach you now is based on this concept. It is very important for traders to know when and how the prices will move. In order to identify the trends, breaking points and...