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  1. roma4488

    Новый бесплатный индикатор Free Price Extremum (MT5)

    Доброго времени многоуважаемые трейдеры. Представляю вашему вниманию нашу новую разработку для торговли на валютном рынке Форекс, а именно - Индикатор Free Price Extremum. Индикатор мультивалютен и имеет 2-а буфера для привязки к советнику. Лучшие показатели индикатора на таких таймфреймах как -...
  2. FEW

    VIDEO - Forex Market Analysis With Parallel and Inverse Pairs.

    Analyzing multiple pairs with one common currency will give you a huge advantage over using technical indicators on individual pairs. In this video you will learn how to analyze one currency for strength or weakness to give you a reliable technique to analyze any pair or prepare a trading plan...
  3. FEW


    Today (Friday 2-8-2020) in the main session forex trading the NZD was weak on all pairs in this currency group. This drove strong price movements during the main trading session. Images of the live forex trading signals from The Forex Heatmap® and price chart movement for these pairs is shown...
  4. FXTrader29

    MQL5 Progamming Course With Focus On Fuzzy Logic

    If you are interested in developing your indicators and EAs than you should take a look at this MQL5 Programming Course. In this MQL5 Programming Course, we first introduce you to MQL5 language than we introduce you to fuzzy set theory. We build a few indicators and EAs using MQL5 and fuzzy...
  5. FXTrader29

    EA Builder Trendline Break Indicator FREE Download

    EA Builder is a software programme that helps you build custom indicators that are not available on MT4 or TradeStation but can be very helpful for you in trading. You can download this Trendline Break Indicator for MT4 as well as TradeStation from EA Builder FREE. You can also download Trend...
  6. R

    Download over 2000 forex indicators for 100% FREE!

    There are many trader like me who are finding indicator every day i have been using many time every day to find indicators for my forex trading. i found good solution for all traders who love to trade with indicator. i have over 2100 indicators for free and another good news is its fast growing...
  7. LoRio

    UNX PreRelease Teaser

    Hello Earn Forex Community We are completing development of our UNX indicator this week. Its a chart projecting indicator (it projects 2 market moves ahead) ,and its calculation consists of comparing the 2 latest candle values with the most recent price action...
  8. FXTrader29

    The FX Turbo Trader System 3 Automatic Forex Indicators For Fast Returns Live Demo

    You should register for this live demo webinar and watch the incredible FX Turbo Trader System 3 Automatic Forex Indicators For Fast Returns in live action. In a period of 6 weeks, these indicators helped make 674 pips. These 3 automatic done for your turbo trader indicators will take the...
  9. FEW

    Live Signals for 28 Pairs

    Most forex traders use technical indicators and they can fail with these indicators because they are not measuring the right quantities. Trading with currency strength can provide a trader with accurate trading signals. These signals will be real time and point you directly to which pair to...
  10. FEW

    Current EUR and GBP Trading Plans

    The EUR/JPY and EUR/USD and in strong downtrends but the smaller time frames are consolidating and choppy, we like the trends but be careful on any heatmap sell signals. GBP Pairs GBP/JPY – strong downtrend set sell alarm at 121.20 GBP/USD – intermediate term downtrend set sell alarm at...
  11. FEW

    Current CHF Trading Plans

    CHF weakness is likely tonight, all CHF alarm prices are estimated USD/CHF – set buy alarm at 0.7970 and 0.7995 to check for movement, check the heatmap when the lower alarm hits or else reset to higher alarm. Some room to move past there to the upside. EUR/CHF – set buy alarm at 1.1485...
  12. FEW

    Current CAD Trading Plans

    EUR/CAD – D1 uptrend in place set buy alarm at 1.3820, no nearby resistance GBP/CAD – D1 uptrend in place set buy alarm at 1.5835, potential back to about 1.6050 USD/CAD – intermediate D1 uptrend in place but be careful on buy entries due to some choppiness and nearby resistance layers...
  13. FEW

    Current USD Trading Plans

    USD/JPY – strong downtrend, set sell alarm at 78.60, essentially all support is gone NZD/USD – strong uptrend with no resistance, set buy alarm at 0.8585 When the price alarms hit verify any buys or sell entries with The Forex Heatmap ™ and look for USD weakness or cross currency...
  14. FEW

    Current NZD Trading Plans

    NZD weakness should continue AUD/NZD – set buy alarm at 1.3170, watch this area for two days, target is 1.3600 on the D1 trend NZD/CAD – broke through alarm from last nights trading plan on NZD weakness tonight, D1 trend indicates this is a hold. EUR/NZD – set resistance alarm at...
  15. FEW

    Current GBP Trading Plans

    GBP/JPY – strong uptrend building, set buy alarm at 133.80 GBP/USD – D1 timeframe intermediate uptrend is forming set buy alarm at 1.6320, first resistance around 1.6400 but overall potential as high as to 1.6740 EUR/GBP – intermediate D1 timeframe downtrend in place, set sell alarm at...
  16. FEW

    Current USD Trading Plans

    USD/JPY – We think the D1 timeframe could build a new trend with good upside potential to past 85.00, for timing check after the USD news EUR/USD - strong intermediate downtrend, set sell alarm at 1.4180, some spikes of support below there but next real support is 1.4000 and it could likely...
  17. FEW

    Current NZD Trading Plans

    The NZD exotics look ready to move on NZD weakness. AUD/NZD – new intermediate D1 uptrend, set buy alarm at 1.3570, some layers of resistance above there but it should move ahead GBP/NZD – new D1 timeframe uptrend trying to form, set buy alarm at 2.0760, substantial upside potential...
  18. FEW

    Current USD Trading Plans

    On an overall basis the USD looks weak. USD/CAD – strong downtrend in place set sell alarm at 0.9570 (estimate) no near term support EUR/USD – set buy alarm at 1.4345 strong uptrend in place AUD/USD – set buy alarm at 1.0500 strong uptrend in place, no resistance past there You can...
  19. T

    Forex biz news

    There is quite a huge advancement in the forex market. We are sole contributors and we just have to contribute. Forget false rumors about forex and go for genuine information.
  20. V

    fxsmooth indicator, what do you think?

    I started to test fxsmooth indicator one month ago. The results are not bad, Maybe someone has a opinion on this indicator?