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  1. Moty

    Is Your Forex Broker a Scam? - Brokersview A Q&A Weekly

    每周回复的问题让交易者了解了Brokersview.com用户在给定一周内提供的经商的最新监控状态和交易细节。 如果您对经纪人有疑问,可以在这里问我。 1677809160 CNMV Warning: These FX Brokers are NOT Authorized LIST: 1. ACA Invest - ACA INVEST CORPORATION HTTPS://ACAINVESTCORP.COM 2. TOMEX OPTIONS HTTPS://TOMEXOPTIONS.COM/
  2. M

    Scammed by "Brokers"

    Hi All, I am from india and i am new to this forum and i lost 5000 USD by broker from canada and my account suspended once i am applied withdrawl in my trading account. And later i have invested another broker Isports trader and even this company advisor also made me loss...
  3. new digital

    Demo winners vs losers on live accounts

    They increase spreads on live accounts , hit slippage on live accounts
  4. Dylan.vts

    VTSGold Uk

    VTSGold is an ECN, broker, $8 comission per lot round trip STP accounts at 0.7pip EUR/USD Under 1ms latency 100% deposit Bonus
  5. A

    Get to Trade in Forex like a pro with Aristrex

    Aristrex is one of the leading Forex trading service provider in South East Asia. With advanced aristrex trading algorithm you can now trade like a professional. Multiply your Forex trading prospects with a varied range of products and services provided by aristrex. Open a live account now at...
  6. GazFx

    Trump and USA traders

    What does Trump's election mean to traders in the USA? Will our US counterparts once again be free to trade whenever, and with whoever they choose? Will they have freedom of leverage? Will they be able to hedge? It should be interesting watching what evolves out of this!
  7. ForexBrokerInc

    ForexBrokerInc’s $100 No Deposit Bonus

    ForexBrokerInc is proud to announce its exciting limited promotion – “$100 No Deposit Bonus”. New traders can receive this ultimate bonus straight into their accounts and start trading without an initial investment. Begin your ForexBrokerInc trading experience with an extra free bonus NOW...
  8. D

    Active forex traders ?

    just wondering if any are about ? been tradering live since last xmas, its all going good, i think may people who dont understand forex and blow their account up, tend to voice their Hate for forex very strong, and put fear into others who could may well understand the system much better...
  9. ForexBonus

    Forex Bonus Broker - Find Your Favorite Forex Bonus!

    Forex Bonus Broker is back again! Find your favorite Forex bonus on Visit us on Facebook and Twitter, too:
  10. I

    Forex Website

    If you are looking for a comparison of Forex brokers, you might want to start search for the popular regulated brokerage companies. This website allows you to compare Forex brokers, read reviews, opinions and ratings. Moreover you can find the best and latest promotions such as demo contests...
  11. FXTrader29

    AFB FX FXStat TradeBook Gives You The Chance To Copy The Trades Of PRO Traders!

    AFB FX forex broker is directly integrated with the leading social trading network FXStat TradeBook. This allows anyone having an account with AFB FX broker to check the performance of hundreds of successful traders and select the best ones for copying their trades. Choosing the right forex...
  12. Robert

    Forex Brokers Bonuses, can You Really Withdraw them?

    There are many Forex brokers that tempt new traders with large bonuses but did you ever think for just one moment if you could really withdraw it? Please give post your FX broker (if they offer a trading bonus) and how much trading volume you need to make and in what time frame it needs to be...
  13. J

    Forex Broker HYMARKETS spreads from 2PIPS, $50 Min Deposit

    FSA Regulated and Licensed Broker in the U.K Spreads from 2 pips $50 Minimum Deposit, Fund account with credit card HY TRADER MT4 Platform Mobile Trading - iphone, ipad, Blackberry enabled Up to 400:1 Leverage 24 hours customer support, phone - email - chat Experienced...
  14. danmann

    Forex Traders!!! Get Your Cash Back

    What we do? Our service pays you cash for each trade you place at many industry leading currency trading (or FOREX, short for foreign exchange) brokers. The spreads and trading conditions at the brokers we represent are never adversely affected by opening an account through us. This would be...
  15. M

    Returning Trader Questions

    Hello fellow FX traders. Honestly, I've been out of the game for over a year now but had a very good run. I am actually still up a few thousand after clearing out my account. I want to get back to it and used to trade FXCM Micro's but now they don't accept pre paid Mastercards as a deposit...
  16. V Up to 20% Trading Bonus - As low as .5 pip on 6 majors

    UPDATED: Vertifx is now offering up to 25% Instant Trading Bonus on Deposits. Please check out website for details. VertiFX is a NO DEALING DESK (NDD) broker, providing the most cutting-edge technology to traders World Wide*. VertiFX enables the entire trade process for...
  17. F

    Forex Automated Profit (No Risk, 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee)

    Real Money Doubling Using Automated Forex Robot. Without Lifting a Finger The Only Automated Forex Income Solution That Doubles Real Monetary Deposits In Under 30 Days. No Backtest Tricks. The Best Converting And Best Performing Forex Product On The Planet, Period. Those are not paper...
  18. A

    Earn 25% FREE Bonus from Economics News

    25% FREE BONUS FROM ECONOMIC NEWS March Non-Farm Employment Change and Unemployment Rate figures will be released on Friday, Apr 3.The previous release triggered a 5% fall, within a few hours, in the S&P500. These two combined news events are expected to have a significant impact on price...
  19. Enivid

    Trading Gold via Forex Brokers

    I've published a new article about gold and investing in gold on my blog today and I'd like to know if anyone here trades gold using the Forex brokers or maybe through some other means? I would also like to hear opinions on the gold's account and the future of this commodity here.
  20. Forex Directory

    Forex Directory - searching for a possibility to promote your own FOREX stuff?!

    If you are searching for new FOREX Brokers, FOREX Trading Software and other FOREX stuff, then is the right place for you! Here you can find everything FOREX related! If you are searching for a possibility to promote your own FOREX stuff: Forex Directory...