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Nov 23, 2011
What we do?

Our service pays you cash for each trade you place at many industry leading currency trading (or FOREX, short for foreign exchange) brokers. The spreads and trading conditions at the brokers we represent are never adversely affected by opening an account through us. This would be counterintuitive to a trader's best interest and thus, our business model. Cash rebates are paid on a monthly basis and can amount to very substantial savings, always increasing a trader's bottom line and often even making the difference between profit and loss. We work with a large selection of the industry's most popular brokerage firms who offer tradable instruments such as currencies, commodities, CFD's, stocks, indices, and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is available to assist with questions or problems most hours of the day via live chat, telephone, and email. As one of the largest introducing firms in the industry, we have also effectively liaised with brokers to resolve disputes on behalf of our clients.

How it works ?

You may be wondering, how can we pay you for each trade you place without somehow adversely affecting trading conditions? It is a great question, and the answer is simple. We are paid a commission from the marketing budget of the brokerage firms we represent for each trade placed by a client we introduce to them, or who otherwise engages us as their 'referring broker'. We in turn keep only a portion of the commission and pass much of it onto our client. Our clients get the same spreads and conditions as if they had opened an account directly with the broker, the only difference is a client that goes through us gets a cash commission for every trade placed on their account. Our service is one of the most effective broker marketing tools on the entire web, so the brokers we represent are happy to pay us a volume based commission for the opportunity to appear on our website and gain clients.

How much will I earn?

Some traders earn many thousands of dollars per month, some earn far less. Your earnings will depend on 3 things:

•The rebate rate at the broker you choose
•The pairs you trade
•The volume you trade on each pair

To estimate or calculate your rebates, please see our rebate calculator.

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